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Once There Was A King Wednesday 18th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 18th July 2022: Once There Was A King 18 July 2022, Naina, Vikrant and Rekha watches Laila get ready in the room. Naina calls her pretty, Vikrant curtly calls her a monkey who always scolds him. Rekha tells Naina to think about a way that Raja begins to love Laila. They hide under the window. Vikrant asks Naina if love is necessary to marry. Naina thinks about something, then walks inside to Laila. Laila was worried if Raja told her that her sister was in trouble because of her. Naina asks if Laila loves Raja, Laila questions who she to ask her about this is. Naina confirms again, as an innocent’s dreams are connected. She calls Rekha and Vikrant inside.

Raja hears her calls, Raja instructs his man about attempt to make the outer world safe for Naina. Naina tells Laila she wants to help her get her love. Laila asks what she will get. Naina says she will get peace, by helping her; there is always love in Laila’s eyes for Raja. But there is no love visible in Raja’s life, Laila is really pretty and he must think he got someone pretty like her by luck. Laila says Naina doesn’t know about Raja. Naina asks if she has no way to win Raja’s heart. Laila says if she had known, there must not only be care in his eyes. Naina says she has many ways to win men’s heart. Laila asks how many hearts has she won by now. Naina regrets speaking much, then says she has watched a lot of films.

Laila finally agrees to listen to Naina, but keeps a condition that Naina will not speak more than a single line at one time. Naina agrees, and leave the room. She dances in the corridor, when Raja comes there with his men. His men passes by smiling, Raja stops by her then walks away. Naina tries to explain, but he interrupts he didn’t ask. Naina wonders why Laila fall in love with him.
At night, Rekha and Vikrant were playing in the hall. Raja enters, both shout he has arrived. In the room, Naina confirms Laila if she is ready. Laila was in traditional clothes with flowers in hair, and was regretting why she agreed to Naina. Naina insists on her not to return without doing what she is going for. Raja was shocked watching Laila, and asks what this all is.

Naina and others peeked through the window behind. Laila walks towards Raja, Raja confirms if she is fine. Laila gets to Raja’s feet, Laila pulls his foot over the chair and says Raja does a lot for them. She forgets her lines. Naina and Rekha regret. Raja calls Laila gone crazy. Raja asks if Laila has gone crazy. Laila insists she will do what she has to. The shoe comes out and fly to hit Naina’s face. Raja was furious hearing Naina’s scream. He holds Laila up and questions what she had been doing, if she has gone crazy. Laila cries and runs away into her room. He stops Naina there, Rekha and Vikrant run away but Raja holds Naina behind.

Raja demands an answer about this drama. Naina only stammers, Raja asks why she was keeping an eye over him and Laila. Naina demands him to leave her first, then says Raja didn’t do anything worth watching. Laila only wanted to make him happy. He is a bad person. Raja replies she doesn’t know how bad he can be. Raja warns he doesn’t want anyone interfere in his personal life. Rani says he must never have crossed limit for anyone. Raja clutches the back of her head, and warns her to stay away from him. Naina murmurs she won’t let him stay in his limits, nor would stay in hers.

In the room, Laila was furious and breaks the vases around screaming at Naina to listen to her. She holds a jug of water that fell off Laila. Naina was shocked, and asks what Laila was saying. Laila cries out of shame. Naina hugs her, and assures Laila not to lose courage. She tells Rekha to wink at Raja. Laila asks if Naina doesn’t has a boyfriend too. Naina calls herself really young
In the room, Mummy scolds Naina to interfere in Raja’s matter. Her heart says its result won’t be good one. Naina tells them to lay down and sleep.

It was Rani walking in red dress across the corridor and opens the door to Raja’s room. Naina wakes up from the nightmare, and wakes Rekha up as there is a ghost. Rekha asks why she always dream about those men with swords running behind him. Both hear a song playing, the sisters hug each other. Naina doesn’t let Rekha wake mummy up. Naina suggests about going out to see who it is, they hold a spoon from kitchen as arm.

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