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Once There Was A King Wednesday 16th February 2022

On Once There Was A King Wednesday 16th February 2022: Once There Was A King Wednesday 16 February 2022, In the palace, Rani sat lost in thoughts. Ambika confirms if she got leaf for Pooja then notices Rani worried.
Nusrat was praying at home.
In the palace, Raja notices Rani was lost while Pooja.
Later, Rani comes to join Nusrat for food. Nusrat says she thought Rani won’t come. Rani remembers she took permission from Raja, he said Nusrat isn’t a call girl but a girl with a good heart who helped her. Rani assures Raja to take two servants with her as well. Nusrat gets weepy, that Rani is really lucky else a few people have such places in their fate. Rani asks Nusrat about Iqbal, but Nusrat avoids the talk coughing. Rani changes the topic, and was sure to take it home as well. She calls Nusrat as Nusrat Aapa, Nusrat was elated and cries.
In the palace, Raja denies having breakfast. Rani warns him to call police otherwise. Raja was curt about her being an MNA, and calls her boring. He wish there is something in the government party to attract him. Rani suggests about hanging her shoes in party, so that he is attracted. Raja compels her to wear some new saree in party at least, Rani was sure his eyes would be stuck on her only.

Rani was confused about dresses. Rani wasn’t ready to wear it, as Raja would definitely call her Chachi then. Meenu asks if Rani really has nothing to wear. Ambika says Raja only teases her, Rani was sure to wear something different. Raja passes by, and suggests her to get plastic surgery; get her nose elongated as carrot and ears like rabbit. Rani was offensive and throws a cushion over him. Ambika laughs over their fight. Rani was worried, and says she wants to wear something she never did. She then gets an idea and shares it with Ambika. Ambika denies, Rani requests her. Ambika then agrees.

Saleem tells Iqbal that it was because of Rani that his dream could be fulfilled. He must not only send flowers, but go to her by himself. Iqbal shows his dislike about over increasing bitterness in Saleem’s tea. Rani comes to ask for Nusrat’s help, and wants her to come along her. Nusrat says she would enter from the back door, and would leave as soon as she is free. She tells Rani that women like hers aren’t invited at respectable families.
Raja looks himself into the mirror, waiting for Rani’s compliment. He comes towards the room, Rani tells him to leave as she is getting ready. Raja wants her to let him in, Rani sends him away. Raja taunts he must find something special to be seen in party. Nusrat was sure Raja won’t lose an eye from over her. Rani thanks Nusrat for doing so much for her, and denies attending the party. She says she doesn’t want to lose Rani at any cost, and must walk the ways decided by society.

Raja asks Meenu what Rani is wearing in party. Meenu wasn’t ready to tell him, then warns him to leave as Rani might hurt him today out of rage. Raja comes to the party, and restlessly asks Ambika about Rani. Ambika says sometimes a joke can cost someone really huge. Thakur comes to the party and goes to meet Raja. Governor also arrive at the party, Raja and Ambika go to welcome him. Raja watches Iqbal enter the party, he forwards his hand but Iqbal gives him salutations instead. Iqbal asks about Rani. They all turn to see Rani come downstairs. Raja smiles, while Iqbal was furious.

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