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Once There Was A King Wednesday 15th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 15th June 2022: Once There Was A King 15 June 2022, Raja asks Bindu about Ambika. Bindu promises to take him to her.
Rano comes downstairs, dressed in Iqbal’s gifted clothes and jewelry. Iqbal compliments her. Rani replies with a poetry about love. Raaj Mata prays they never get a bad eye. Iqbal says today is Rani’s birthday, he wants to take Rani for a dinner away from crowd. Raaj Mata allows him. She observes Iqbal holding Rani’s hand.
Bindu brings Raja to an asylum where Ambika had been chained, crying for Raja. Raja runs to her, but she doesn’t recognize him and only cried. Bindu hears footsteps and takes Raja outside the asylum forcefully.
On the venue, Rani asks if there is someone else as well. Iqbal replies there is love and peace. A waiter recognizes her, Rani says she came here earlier as well. Iqbal calls for menu, but the manager serves what she always take. Rani turns the table, saying they need to erase the memories of those who have gone.

Raja questions Bindu why she didn’t let him bring his mother along. Bindu says they don’t need to show that he is alive, had they brought Ambika police would look for her and reach him. Then, Ambika would really lose her son. She informs Raja that Rani considers him a murderer like Kaal. Iqbal was behind what happened to Raja. Raja wonders if love and friendship were both a fake, Bindu tells him that Iqbal was never his friend. They were revenging him, as Iqbal considers Raja as a culprit for his fiancé, Zaira’s death. Raja denies any of such accusation, he wonders if Rani hates him for this story. Bindu says Rani joined hands with Iqbal, for Rani he is the son of her parent’s murderer. Raja denies this, Bindu asks why Rani and Raaj Mata is on Iqbal’s side then.

In the palace, Iqbal says he could see love for himself even in her anger. He holds her hand to kiss the back of it. Raaj Mata stares towards him, while Rani stands emotionless. She cries as Iqbal leaves. She cries calling Raja.
Raja wasn’t ready to forgive Rani for what she and Raaj Mata did to his mother. She and Raaj Mata planned against him to revenge him. Rani cries, saying her love’s murderer kissed the back of her hand. She asks why she saved him, had she died that day she wouldn’t have to see her love die each day. They remember, when Rani ran towards the cliff Raaj Mata came to save her. Rani insists on her to go towards Raja, but Raaj Mata aggressively brought her back to palace. She slapped her hard to bring her to conscious.

She had urged Rani to revenge for her Raja from Iqbal Khan, as a determined lady can do anything. She wonders what face she would show to Raja that Rani couldn’t even revenge for his murder. Rani wiped her tears and showed her determination to snatch everything from Nawab Iqbal Khan. Rani was crying, Raaj Mata assures Rani that it is all for her Raja. Rani cried that she has to suffer a lot only for this revenge. No one ever told her that testimony of love is so tough. Raaj Mata urges Rani to take revenge for Ambika’s condition as well. Rani recalls, Ambika attacked everyone in the palace with knives or either hurt herself. Rani calls herself unlucky, as they can’t even take care of her in such a condition.

There, Raja burnt Rani’s photo determined to revenge Rani for whatever she did to him and his mother. She must pay for everything she did to them.
In the palace, Raaj assures Rani to take care of Ambika. Ambika lost her son, if she was conscious she would have wanted Rani to revenge for her son’s death. She should begin the preparations of her last card, in this game of revenge.Rani says after becoming Nawab Iqbal Khan’s wife, she would burn each of his happiness.

Raja shows photos of Iqbal and Rani, then asks two men to bring each other their details about last four months. He needs details of even their breathes. He throws money at them, and strictly sends them for work. Bindu wonders what Raja would get with all this. Raja says there is always some weakness in a chain, he is looking for that weak point to break the chain. He won’t only spoil their lives, but burn them. He burns the newspaper with their photos.

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