Once There Was A King Wednesday 13th April 2022

On Once There Was A King Wednesday 13th April 2022: Once There Was A King Wednesday 13 April 2022, Raja was with his jeep when there is a knock at the door. He happily goes inside thinking Rani is conscious, cross the nails thinking he did it to prevent wild animals from the place, now these are worrying him. He comes inside and calls Rani around, suddenly he steps up a net and was entrapped in it by Rani. He demands Rani to free him. Rani says she is going to her Dadu, he may stop her if he can. Raja thinks about the nails in the path concerned, he calls her to stop as the way is dangerous. Rani walks outside. Raja picks up a glass piece and cuts the rope with it. His own hand is cut instead, but one by one he is able to cut the rope with his bleeding hand. Rani was about to step up the nail when Raja holds her back, asking her to look before taking a step further. He explains these were to prevent wild animals from coming in and to save her. Rani complains if he cared for her, he wouldn’t have entrapped her; the wildest animal stands in front of her. Raja drags her back inside, throwing her over the floor and leaves her to rot here.

Raja arrives at the palace, his hand still bleeding. He pours wine over his injured hand, thinking about Rani, then drinks from it. He recalls Kaal’s beatings in childhood. At night, Amrita finds Raja in his room and comes inside. She covers him with a quilt and close the light. Raja holds her hand from behind and switch the light on. Amrita was concerned if he is fine. Raja confirms if he is really a bad person, if he is just like her husband, doesn’t he respect women and resemble an animal. Amrita assures her son isn’t like Kaal, in childhood he had the guts to face her father and speak about truth. Jeewan hears this from outside, and says it was only in childhood, today there is no difference between Kaal and him. He is harassing a girl after kidnapping her. Amrita was concerned, Raja was speechless. Jeewan asks Raja to swear over his mother’s head that he doesn’t know about Rani’s whereabouts. Amrita holds his hand over her head and demands the truth, if he kidnapped Rani. Raja was speechless and withdraws his hand. Amrita slaps him, she says Raja isn’t her son, he is Kaal’s son. If he is not only Kaal’s son, and is her son as well he must immediately drop that girl her home, else he shouldn’t face her at all. She leaves the room.

Rani lay on the floor when she hears the horn of jeep. She look around to find something and holds a wooden stick. Raja holds her hand, and angrily shouts today his mother also considered him as animal. No one bother why he turned to become so, he is like this only because of Rani. She doesn’t know anything, but today he will tell her everything. The decision that who destroyed whose life will be made only after knowing the details of 10 years ago. He gulps wine lying nearby, and says today Rani must hear. He push her to sit. He accuses her as her silence ruined his whole life, his life was destroyed and he was helpless. Raja Baja, a resident of palace had to stay with 15 children in a boarding. There were people but not good ones, and he was being punished for a mistake that he hadn’t committed.

He thought his Bari Rani Maa would save him, but this time she also accepted defeat. He had compromised his luck, but it was not easy. He engraved a single word on her hand without her will, she screamed so much. But the world wrote over Raja’s heart to be a coward. He could have saved had she told everyone that he didn’t hit Jeewan, but she didn’t open her mouth. Rani asks Raja why he didn’t complain the principal of school, the principal announced punishment but it ruined the matter. Raja comes to clutch Rani’s hair, saying she can’t even consider what insult is. He recall the boys harassing him by taking his clothes off in the middle of corridor. That night no one cared for him, he spent the night in a hiding, people came looking for him in the morning. Rani sits beside her and asks Raja why he didn’t tell his family. Raja tells Rani he is son of Kaal, who only loves himself; he has no time to love his son and only considers him an insect. Rani apologizes Raja, but he clutches her neck asking what good will it be. He wouldn’t have been the same if she had spoken that day. He lives with hatred for self in his heart, and only she is responsible for this. Rani was suffocating badly.

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