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Once There Was A King Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Tuesday 7 June 2022 Zee World updates, Iqbal shots a bullet again, warning the next bullet won’t be in air. The police arrive at the spot to arrest the ladies. Rani asks Iqbal about Raja. Iqbal helps Rani wash her face. Ambika thanks him for helping them. Rani says she needs to search Raja and asks Iqbal. Iqbal tells her that Raja was arrested, as the whole city wanted him. Ambika cries hard. Rani sends Ambika home with Meenu. Rani heads towards police station, Iqbal comes along. The inspector says its governor’s orders that no one must be allowed to meet Raja. She kneels in front of inspector. Iqbal remembers pleading for justice in the similar way. He holds Rani up, and assures to speak to governor by himself. The inspector says this isn’t his house. Iqbal reminds a few months ago, the whole city was burnt on his call. He, his men and all the arms are here. Inspector allows Rani to meet Raja, and asks his constable to prepare a case over Raja that he gets hanged.

Rani comes to meet Raja in the lockup. He turns his face away. Rani demands him to look at her, she has spoken to governor and he is with her. She will get him out of here. Raja cries, as he isn’t worth her trust. Rani was clueless. Raja says he committed a huge mistake by faking her signatures. He handed the file to Agarwal, after faking her signs and stealing the stamp from her office. He gets to her feet that he committed a huge sin. Rani assures she is with him, Raja insists he isn’t worth her companion. Rani tells Raja she trusts him, nothing will happen to him. Raja curses himself for not valuing her. They part, as the constable comes to take Rani.
Outside, Rani was upset that no one is with her. Iqbal assures his side, no matter what. He would always be there whenever she gets hurt. Rani cries that all proofs are against Raja, Raja even faked her signatures to get the license. This is Agarwal’s trap, but there is no proof against him. She wonders if she should inform the police constable that there are fake signatures. Iqbal watches the inspector coming, and warns Rani not to tell anyone about Raja faking her signatures. The inspector says now even God can’t save her husband, and calls her inside for statement. Rani cries, regretting. Iqbal walks outside, remembering his cries. He thinks he loved her the most, and couldn’t even bury her well. But Raja and Rani are culprit, this would be his last attack over her now.

In the palace, Rani shares with Ambika about her helplessness. Ambika goes to get something to eat for Rani. Rani walks towards the temple, saying she doesn’t understand how she would fight this war and needs a way. Ambika brings her juice, Rani thinks about Agarwal and Juice Company. She thinks she needs to find Agarwal and hurries outside. The security guard stops Rani, and tells her that Agarwal hasn’t returned home since yesterday. A car stops by, and Nusrat comes in. she confirms if everything was fine. She warns the watchman not to let anyone come inside, and pays him heavy amount. She also hands Agarwal’s tickets from Delhi to Mumbai. Rani returns to give the watchman her contact number and was shocked to see Nusrat. She wonders what is Nusrat doing at Agarwal’s place, and follows her.
Nusrat hurries into a room, Rani peeks through the door. Nusrat asks Iqbal why is he praying when its not the time. Iqbal says he is asking forgiveness for killing 40 and more people. Nusrat tells Iqbal she got Agarwal the tickets and money, they have won. Iqbal says until Agarwal leaves, their victory isn’t confirmed. Rani won’t spare Agarwal, and he must stay beside her. They need to file the case as soon as possible, Rani must have witnessed enemies in life but not like them. Its time they return all her pains to them. He stands up, Rani was shocked to see Nawab Iqbal Khan there.

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