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Once There Was A King Tuesday 5th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Tuesday 5th April 2022: Once There Was A King Tuesday 5 April 2022, Raja brings Rani to store room, he reminds Rani that she said I love you and not him. Rave couldn’t digest and with tears in her eyes she turn to face and says yes he never said, but if he doesn’t love her then what about all that. Raja says it was lie, betrayal and illusion so that she herself tell him I love you Raja, she can do anything for him. He laughs mockingly pointing towards her. He boasts that a lot of girls have said this to him many times, this doesn’t mean he loves all of them. Rani asks what about what happened between them. Raja asks what happened, kiss? That may be her first kiss but not his, and why is she angry because of that as she had no objection then. Rani withdraws her hand, wipes her tears. Raja accuses the education system of the country, else the biggest idiot of this world could not be a topper. If she wondered she will ruin Rajveer Singh’s life and he will spare her. Did she think his childhood love will revoke so easily, but actually childhood hatred revoked? He came to know she is the girl whose silence took him to hostel, he had decided then and there to return with interest all she had done to him. Rani takes a step back saying this isn’t possible. Rani thinks about all the times Raja took care of her Dadu, Raja laughs that it was to make her believe her Raja is good at heart. Rani demands why he prevented her from rustication then. Raja insists only he has a right to punish her, he wanted to bring it moment by moment. He won her trust, and she herself saved him from getting suspended.

  • Once There Was A King Thursday 31st February 2022Rani asks Raja if this is a bad dream, her Raja can’t do so. Raja holds her down on a table and says this isn’t a joke, it’s a punishment for taking him away of his family and home. He has been waiting this day for a long time and wanted to break her trust the same way she did. She remained silent when Raja asked a witness from Rani that he didn’t hit Jeewan. Raja says he waited for this day so that not only him but she hates herself too to coming to him in palace. Raja says he went against his family on Lovey’s birthday party, to increase her trust over himself. That night, she was in his arms whole night. Rani cries. Raja boasts about being able to show her worth there and then, but he didn’t even touch her. It’s interesting to break hope when the hope is really high. Bari Rani Maa thought he was caught again in her trap and came to kill her that day, he told Bari Rani Maa that he never forgave Rani. A punishment is beautiful when given as a gift, she trusts him blindly and when broken it will break Rani as well. Bari Rani Maa joined him in this game, and was ready to help him anyway. They all got together to trap her, Rani put her life, dreams and herself on stake for his sake. And on her birthday, he played his last card and that was her Dadu. He gifted her with something so that she can confess her love by herself. Rani fell on floor, crying and broken while Raja smirks. He gets on the floor with her and forbids her crying, her Raja Baja is here.

Rani shouts at him to stay away, she has been named after a lady who never accepted a defeat. He played with her emotions, but forgot those who play with fire always burn. In this fire, he and his ego both will burn. She turns to leave, but Raja holds her hand back with a jerk. He boasts about being a Raja if she is Rani, he shows her the contract papers with her signature that clearly state she will work for him. Rani tears the papers into pieces. Raja smirks again, as this was only a copy. Her Dadu was right, no one must sign a paper without reading it. Raja shows another copy and reads it for her, it clearly states she will only work for him, if she leaves the job without his permission she must pay 3 lacs as penalty. Rani looks towards him in shock, then reads the contract by herself. She holds her head in distress, crying badly. Raja taunts that children today even forget their grandmother’s advice in love, where will she get 3 lacs now. Will she sell her kidney or her Dadu’s, she turns to him enraged forbidding him take her Dadu’s name with his filthy tongue. Raja agrees, demands him to calm herself down in ten minutes and come to meeting; else get 3 lac ready.

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