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Once There Was A King Tuesday 4th May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Tuesday 4th May 2022: Once There Was A King Tuesday 4 May 2022,  Rani cries in front of the goddess asking why she has to always suffer like this. Back at the palace, Raja also cries in front of the goddess asking why he has to suffer for the sins of King Kaal and Badiranima. Raja Mata goes to comfort Rani. Rani tells her that she will ensure the criminals are punished. Raja Mata says she’s not to do this. Forgiving is better and a courageous act. Moreover, Raja is not the culprit. Rather she advises Rani to be strong and to do her best in life than to suffer from the obstacles others put in her place. At the same time, back at the palace, Queen Ambika comes to comfort a disheartened Raja. She understands what he is going through and advises Raja that love has no conditions or expectations. He is to help Rani in this situation and not expect anything in return from her. Let Rani makes that decision regarding him in her life. Meanwhile, Raja Mata continues to advise Rani telling her that despite their deaths, her mother and father (Ranaji and Gayatri), could not be separated. And if she and Raja are separated, Kaal will have the last laugh. Therefore, she needs to decide.

On the morning of the next day, Rani was inquiring about her parents as she rests her head on Raja Mata’s lap. Raja Mata comments proudly on Gayatri’s spoken English. A knock was heard at the door and Raja Mata answered. Queen Ambika and Raja were standing there. Raja Mata inquired what brought them here so early. Rani stares coldly at Raja. Queen Ambika replied that she’s the culprit and not Raja. She knew of Rani’s parents and their deaths before Raja did, but hid the truth to protect Rani’s love. Raja Mata assured her that she understands, that what she did was for her children’s love. Queen Ambika asked Rani’s forgiveness and Rani expressed she understands as the queen is a mother. However, throwing a remark at Raja, Rani said that some people are selfish and when you break someone’s trust, you can’t win it again. She leaves. Raja Mata says she’s stubborn just like her dad. Raja bows low before Raja Mata and asked for forgiveness for his mistakes. She replied that she knows that he is not at fault and understands his situation. Queen Ambika leaves, but asked Raja to remain with them.

Rani picks up her hand bag. Raja Mata asked her where she was going and she replied she is going out. Raja comes and offers her some tea which she refused. He told her she seems to have forgotten everything because she cried a lot yesterday. Rani told Raja Mata that when she returns Raja must not be there. Raja sadly told Raja Mata that she’s not even picking a fight with him, that he can deal with her anger but not her silence. Raja Mata tells him to give her some time as she’s been through a lot.

Over in prison Kaal sits on the floor with a mean look on his face. Food is slid to him and he refused it saying that he won’t eat grass and referring to himself as a lion. Badiranima comes to see him and Kaal asked her if she was there to make fun of him. Badiranima says neither of them can do this alone since she too stands to go down like him. However, with his strength and her intelligence, they can accomplish much. They have to combine or else, individually, they will be in trouble. Kaal asked if they should bury the hatchet. Badiranima replies that it’s the best thing to do. They then shake hands to this.

Rani comes across a group of people hailing the name of her parents. She inquired what’s happening. The people replied that justice has been served. That Prince Ranveer (Raja) has announced that he is not the real prince and further he is doing a puja ceremony for the deceased royalties (Ranaji and Gayatri) as well as for Lakhan and Swarna. Watching all of this from a corner, Badiranima says that Raja’s announcement that the real heir was alive will ruin her chances to get the throne. But no matter what people do to keep her from the throne, she will get it. Rani joins Raja in the puja ceremony. The pandit asked them to think of their parents for a few seconds as he officiates the ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony was over Rani turns to leave but encounters a group of policemen. The policemen went to Raja and told him Kaal stands to get 6 to 7 years once convicted. Rani asked who initiated a case against Kaal and the police replied Prince Ranveer. Further, the police said that her husband not only initiated the case but helped them in their investigation. He added that she was lucky to have a husband like him who goes against his own father for his wife’s sake. Rani leaves. Raja follows her, calling out to her.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a man with his face hidden with a cloth, accosted Raja with a knife, threatening him to withdraw the case against Kaal. Raja and a group of goons fought on the street. They hit him in the head and about the body even as he fights them. Raja begins to bleed. Rani picks up a stick and assists Raja in fighting the men but one of the goons hit Rani in the abdomen and she screams in pain as she fell into Raja’s hands. While all of this is happening, Badiranima looks wickedly behind a clump of bushes. The goons run away and Rani leaves.

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