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Once There Was A King Tuesday 25th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Tuesday 25th May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Tuesday 25 May 2022 Zee World updates, At home, Iqbal speaks to his mother who was evacuating house, and tells him about preparations for tomorrow’s auction of the land at which he was about to fulfil his father’s dream. Iqbal argues she had given him a time for one week. Ammi replies that MNA made him leave hopeless. Iqbal goes away. The lawyer comes to his Ammi, she bribes him to keep an eye over Iqbal.
In the office, Rani was upset about being careless. All of a sudden, Meenu drops a cup of tea over the file. Meenu was upset that now they must again apply for papers, and may take time. Rani says this time, she would get the papers ready and get them stamped from governor as well. She goes to apologize Iqbal.
In the jail, prisoners welcome Raja to dinner, but he was waiting for Raja. He boasts his Rani loves him the most.

Iqbal shuts the doors over Rani’s face, and says she proved to be illiterate and irresponsible lady. Rani promises to get his papers ready. Iqbal says he doesn’t need anything, she won’t be able to do it. He tells her to leave, before he gets disgraceful.
In the jail, Raja still await Rani when he hears footsteps. It was Meenu, Raja asks about her, Meenu says she was stuck with some important work. Raja was even jealous of work, and says he would only eat with Rani. No matter how late, but she would surely come here. Meenu leaves the food.
In the office, MNA thinks if she is finding it difficult to get passed a file how much difficult it must be for a common person. His colleague brings her a newspaper that the land she is talking about has an auction tomorrow. Rani hurries to get the file signed.
Afreen insists on Iqbal to have food, but he was angry at Rani. Governor’s secretary tells her that he hasn’t yet arrived. She notices a pile of files, and wonders what if he forgets her file. She decides to wait for governor.

In the jail, prisoners taunt Raja to wait for his wife. The inspector comes to inform him about a phone call, Rani says she is aware he is angry but today she committed a huge mistake, and she needs to improve it. Raja was angry that she forgot him, Rani agrees yes she forgot him, who is he? Raja was angry and tells her to finish her works, then talk to him. He slaps the phone and leave. Rani was upset and pray tomorrow is a good day.
The next morning, the auction begin. Iqbal sat on a side while the land was being bid. He recalls his promise to his father.
Rani was sleeping on the couch, the secretary tells her that governor didn’t come. She was worried.
Iqbal recalls apologizing Rani.

Raja stood awake in the jail, remembering her promise to bring him food daily. He also recall Kaal and Iqbal’s taunts and was curt Rani neglect him because of such a person.
Rani comes to interrupt the auction and announces this land can’t be auctioned, legally this land can’t be sold. Iqbal comes there. Rani says Iqbal Khan wanted to construct a girl’s school but there was a misunderstanding and she got a wine house file; she didn’t listen to him and rejected the proposal. Until she came to know about the reality it was late. She then decided to take the file to governor by herself. The governor signed the file. Iqbal was shocked to hear about it, and holds the file from Rani. Rani apologize for her misbehavior, she used her power and position in a wrong way. She would never forget this lesson. People there, clap for Rani. Iqbal apologizes, as he thought she must be weak being a woman but for her work and her determination she is above men. He apologize for developing a consent about her, by himself.

Raja was sitting along in jail, when Rani comes announcing about hot tea. He looks towards him angrily, then breaks the hot tea cup hurting Rani’s feet. Iqbal also burns his feet, but doesn’t notice as he was really happy. He leaves for a meeting with a perfume.
Rano holds Raja’s hand, she is really sorry. Raja shouts he needed her time, he never disturbed her during work time but after that, all her time is his. She must decide who is more important for her, he or that Nawab? Rani says it was really important to improve her mistake. Raja says she must learn to live with her mistakes, Rani says in one day his land must have got auctioned. Raja complains she forgot him because of that Nawab. She must decide who has a priority in her life, he or her work? Rani cries badly.

Iqbal comes to Shabnam’s place who was worried what if Nusrat hurts herself inside. She calls Iqbal for help, as Nusrat has locked herself in the room.
Rani returns to palace crying badly. Ambika comes behind her concerned. Rani cries hugging her, that she lost. She never thought about hurting Raja, but today he was heartbroken. He was always with her, but today he thinks she left him behind. She would never forgive herself. Raja was also crying in the jail.

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