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Once There Was A King Tuesday 25th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 25th June 2022: Once There Was A King 25 June 2022, In the rain shower, Iqbal tells Rani he loves her dearly, he was in deep trouble only with the thought of her betrayal and hugs Rani. Raja watches this from the palace door. Rani cries remembering Raja’s death. He hides himself behind the bushes, as Iqbal and Rani walks in.
Inside, Raja was burning his arm with candle. Bindu comes to stop him. Raja says he wants to get recognition with the pain so that he can destroy Rani. He would defeat Rani by winning her heart.
Rani asks Raaj Mata how she made Iqbal up. Raaj Mata says if Amirkot is no more a state, she is still a Raaj Mata. The income tax officer’s father was her old loyal. She brought the inspector to Iqbal, who accepted that he was bring trapped by Nusrat. Iqbal was shocked. Raaj Mata says Nusrat had the reason to destroy him. She tells Rani that Raajneeti is in their blood. Rani was worried about Angat’s reality, and would need her help in getting to know about him.
The next morning, Rani and Angat come across each other in the corridor. Raja thinks he is throwing the net, she won’t be able to come out of it. She begins to speak but he points at her to shut up and takes her along.
In the room, Bindu greets Raaj Mata. She brings Bindu some diamonds. Bindu touches them, calling them beautiful. Raaj Mata throw them on the floor, saying they are fake.

Angat points towards some gift boxes in the room. Rani demands what they are, he offers her to open one. She finds a watch inside it and was shocked. Angat says when she is angry she behaves as a child, he thought about gifting her with a watch to remind she is grown up. Rani accepts about behaving badly. Angat also agrees about creating differences between her and Nawab. Rani says no one can part her and Iqbal as they love each other dearly, just like Angat loves Bindu. Angat tells Rani that he loves Bindu as much as she loves her first husband. He then calls it a joke. Rani asks him about his and Bindu’s meet up.

Raaj Mata tells Bindu she recognizes real and fake all at once.
Raja tells Rani that he met her in Chandigarh, she asked him about the address, he took her to manager and made her pay his bills as well (it was Raja and Rani’s first meet up). He says she shouted at him, and he readily decided to apologize unlike her stubborn Nawab. He recalls standing with a sorry board behind her window. Rani slips away, Raja holds her in his arms. After that they fall in love.
Raaj Mata wonders how Bindu fall in love with Bindu so soon. Angat says he is aware Bindu loved Raja. Bindu was speechless in front of Raaj Mata. Rani tells Angat she has forgotten Raja they day he got down her heart, she has even forgotten his face and leaves. In the corridor, Rani was determined to find out about his reality.

The next morning, Raaj Mata brings the New Year celebration dress to Rani as Iqbal and guests must be here. Rani was worried and tells Raaj mata it’s important to find out about Angat’s truth. Raaj Mata goes to get a medicine, that doesn’t let a person be in senses. He speaks the truth then. If they mix this medicine in anything Angat eat or drink his real face would be revealed. Rani wonders if she is doing something wrong just to win over. Raaj Mata assures Rani that this medicine won’t hurt Angat, and they are using this medicine against Iqbal and not Angat. Rani was sure to revenge Iqbal. Raaj Mata tells her to get ready soon.

Bindu comes downstairs with Raja while Rani comes hands in hand with Iqbal. Both stare towards each other. Raja moves forward, removes his fake beard and moustache. Rani hurries downstairs towards him, they hug each other in elation. Rani promises not to let him go away, ever. Both cry. Bindu clutches Raja’s hand, forbidding him to show his feelings. Rani also heads downstairs. Iqbal asks Raja if he can’t take his eyes off Rani. Raja says beauty is to be appreciated. Iqbal boasts his Rani is so beautiful, no one can take his eyes off; if Angat wasn’t his friend he would have killed him. Raaj Mata sends a drink for Raja.

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