Once There Was A King Tuesday 1st July 2022 Zee World updates

On Once There Was A King 1st July 2022: Once There Was A King 1 July 2022, Rani alerts Naina about Vijay and tells her to take them away. Vijay runs behind them. Laila was worried about Raja when she watches Raja and Naina arrive with Raaj Mata. She asks if her house is an orphanage, Raja interrupts her to shut up. He can bear anything but his Dadu’s insult. Laila wasn’t ready to stop, Raja pushes Laila inside her room and locks her there. Naina follows Raja to his room and knocks from outside. Rani comes to Naina and requests her to go to Dadu, she herself passes the door into Raja’s room.
Inside, Raja cries over the bed. Rani also cries sitting beside him. Raja says his love came out to be really weak. Rani speaks to Raja that had it been really weak, he must not have this pain in his heart. Raaj Mata comes to Naina and asks if she loves Raja a lot? Naina says she thought she loves Raja, but today she realized Rani’s love was so strong for Raja.

Raaj Mata gets tear eyed, saying Rani’s love was… Naina’s love is. Her Rani can’t return, their love story has ended now. Raja looks at Naina and asks if Rani is still there? He wish to see her once, and speak to her. Naina asks if she can be seen by Raja, Rani says Raja once saw her when Naina left his wedding and he was looking for her. Naina says even Rani wants to come to him, she thinks about an idea. She asks if she can get into her body. Raja says Naina doesn’t do this, Rani was also not ready as this may put her life at stake. Naina says her reason to stay is to get two lovers connected. She gets seated, Rani enters her body.
It was Rani in Naina’s body now. She stands up to Raja, calling him Raja Baja and holds his hand. Tears fell off Raja’s eyes as they hold each other’s hand closely. They hug each other, Raja kiss over her forehead. He says she might have ended, but his love for her didn’t die. Rani says love never ends and leaves. Naina watches her go, and tells Raja she got freed.

Laila tells the boys about Raja’s grandmother. They go inside to meet her. Laila signals someone to come inside. A man with covered face enters the gates.
In the hall, Vikrant asks Raaj Mata if she is really the Raaj Mata. Rekha was excited if she had an elephant, and a huge palace. Raaj Mata says there was a time it was. She says her palace was exactly the same, Raja left no stones unturned. Raja says he got the palace but could never turn it home. Laila sits there lost. He says he has decided, everyone left him but he won’t let her leave this place. Vikrant demands to hear a story. Raaj Mata narrates Rana ji and Rani Gayatri’s story, there was a time Amirkot.
Naina sits in the room when the man in disguise comes to put chloroform over her face. Raja stands up, assuring Vikrant he would be back. He says he must ask Naina about story as well. Laila replies curtly that Naina must have fallen asleep. Raaj Mata says Naina has seen much in past 12 hours, they must let her take rest.
The kidnapper holds Naina over his shoulder.

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