Once There Was A King Tuesday 19th April 2022

On Once There Was A King Tuesday 19th April 2022: Once There Was A King Tuesday 19 April 2022, Rani was worried about any fight between Raja and Jeewan. She wonders why Jeewan considers Raja to be wrong always. Meena says Jeewan does this for Rani, he considers her worth more than a friend. They decide to go to palace, Rani had to go home to give Dadu medicine before. Raja and Jeewan were laughing with Raaj Mata, Raja feeds them both sweets with his own hands. Raaj Mata looked away, while Raja informs Rani he came to ask for her proposal from Raaj Mata. Tears fell off Rani’s eyes in elation, but Jeewan qualifies it’s for Raja’s younger brother, Jeewan. Raja enforces a smile, Rani shouts at them to stop. She holds Raja’s hand dragging him inside, Raaj Mata holds Jeewan behind.

In the room, Rani clutches Raja’s collar demanding who gave him the authority to decide for her life. A person doesn’t give his toy away so easily, she isn’t a toy or an animal. She will not marry anyone except him, else wait for him for whole of her life. Raja clutches her tight, and decisively says she will have to marry Jeewan else leave this city. Rani asks why, because if she stays around him he won’t be able to control his heart. How can he order her, if his own heart doesn’t follow them? Raja turns to leave, Rani stops him saying it’s her decision she will neither marry Jeewan nor leave the city. She came here to fulfil her grandmother’s dreams. Raja warns to break all her dreams, get her rusticated and get her thrown out of this house as well. Rani argues this city is huge. Raja warns to tell Raaj Mata the truth that she is wasting her life behind a guy who isn’t worth her. Rani cups his face saying she will decide this, he must once look at himself with Rani’s eyes and he will understand his worth for her. Raja confirms again if she won’t say a yes for this proposal, and heads outside.
In the hall, Raja comes to tell Raaj Mata the truth. They think he loves Rani, but he never did. Raaj Mata questions what was it about that he cared for her and saved them. Raja says its for friendship, its not love. He neither believes in love nor marriage, but Jeewan does. He loves Rani and wants to marry her, whom Rani should marry then? Rani comes from behind and orders them to get out, drag them out of her home and shut the door from inside. She wasn’t ready to listen to Jeewan’s explanations as well and cries behind the door. Raaj Mata and Meenu come to help her, Rani cries hugging Raaj Mata.

At night, in the palace, Jeewan cursed Raja. He shouldn’t have come into Raja’s talks, he even ruined his friendship. Raja says if Jeewan wants Rani to love him, he must do something. Jeewan says he has always been her support whenever Raja hurt her. Amrita hears them talking. Raja advices Jeewan to make place for himself in her heart, so that she is left with no place for someone else in her heart. Jeewan thanks Raja and leaves watching Amrita standing at the door. Amrita comes complaining Raja that he made fun of love and marriage both. Why does he want his brother to marry Rani? Raja tells her that Rani would neither leave Amirkot nor them, if these clashes continue among them they will break any one of them. Marrying Jeewan is one way he can save Rani from himself.
Rani comes to Raaj Mata about her non-match stroller. Raaj Mata says if one doesn’t match, some other will. She explains if Raja doesn’t love her, there is no need for her to waste her life behind him. If he doesn’t value her love, it’s of no use to wander behind him. She has seen her son living without his first wife after her death. Rani says her Baba only loved once. Raaj Mata was upset as she doesn’t want Rani to bear the same pain as her son and daughter in law.

In the college, Raja feels Rani’s arrival in the class and turns around smiling. She walks towards him, some rose petals fell over her from over the fan. Jeewan comes with a red rose for Rani, kneels in front of her asking for her hand. Raja felt curt, while Bindu enjoys as he proposes Rani. Everyone laughed, Rani looks towards Raja who turns his face away. She leaves the class annoyed, Raja comes to scold Jeewan. Jeewan says this is love, and Raja told him to show it to her. Raja says there is difference between showing love and making a fun of it. Jeewan asks what to do, Raja says he will do whatever has to be done now.
In the balcony, Rani wonders what she should know. Raja loves her but isn’t accepting it, Jeewan doesn’t understand her. She is worried for her Dadu being sandwiched in this all. Raja overhear this conversation and thinks how he had forgotten the only passage to Rani’s heart goes from her Dadu.

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