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Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Tuesday 18 May 2022 Zee World updates, Rani comes to confrontation with the man, he tells Rani that one must amputate the body part that is filled with poison. Rani asks if he wants to break the law, the man replies it’s about ritual’s respect. He insists that a woman has no right. Rani questions what if a woman wants her own happiness, he replies they must cut her feet. Rani says mothers must kill children like him. His men questions how dare she spoke to Nawab Sahib like this, Nawab stops them for not forgetting about their ethics even in argument. Rani says she is the MNA of this city, she would not let unjust take place in their city.
Raja was worried in palace about Rani, Rani returns and tells the inspector they aren’t afraid of any law and order, they broke the boundaries of this palace and now deter to return Sakina. Rani instructs the inspector to file a case against the goons for harassing Sakina, else she would have to remove him from his post. The inspector takes full responsibility of Sakina’s protection. Rani goes upstairs. Raja comes behind her.

In the room, Rani was fuming and asks if he also think about suppressing women. Raja assures he is on her side always. Rani calms down, then apologizes for pouring Nawab’s anger over him.
In the mosque, Nawab’s men wonder why he was silent. Nawab Iqbal Khan replies the deeper the water is, calmer it is. The inspector come to inform Iqbal about Rani’s demand. Iqbal announces retaliation as Rani has thrown a stone in calm waters. Bashir and men go to put the city on fire, hanging posters against Rani all along. The inspector calls Rani about worsening conditions of city, Rani was determined if she backs up today she won’t be able to meet eyes with anyone else again.

Sakina is her responsibility. There was a bottle bomb thrown at palace door at once. Juman comes to announce a crowd is rushing towards them. Raja hands Juman and gun and takes the family in the basement. Raja stays behind in the basement path to save a servant, Rani hears a gun shot and hurries towards Juman, concerned. Juman sends her inside, as he was fine and was confronting the crowd. Meanwhile, a maid tells Raja that Rani has gone inside. Raja bolts the door from inside, and goes inside. The crowd enters the palace to gather Rani. Rani flee for life outside. There, Raja goes to look for Rani. Rani was running for life, on roads.
Rani enters a house for refuge and bolts it. Bashir laughs at Rani. She turns around to find Iqbal Khan standing there. Iqbal says she has been late, had she accepted her mistake and returned Sakina this must not have happened. Rani shouts he is responsible for all this, his downtrodden thinking. Iqbal says a few men would come searching for her, and the matter would end by itself. There was a knock at the door, Iqbal goes to answer but opens the door only slightly. A lady watches the development from the other room.

In the palace, Sakina held herself responsible for all this chaos.
Bashir asks Iqbal Khan if that MNA came here, he would kill her as she disgraced them. Iqbal Khan says no one is here. Bashir asks to recheck, Iqbal insists no one is here. Bashir says he himself asked to teach her lessons. Iqbal says he didn’t ask them to put the city on fire, strike could be held without this killings. The men leaves saying they would find that MNA anyway.
Raja looks for Rani across the streets, calling her name loud.
Rani shouts at Iqbal why he saved her life, she is his enemy. Iqbal boasts he doesn’t forget his ethics even in enemity. If a woman comes to his door for rescue, he would protect her. Rani asks if he consider women weak, Iqbal says they are weak and are precious too; anything precious needs to be protected. Rani turns to leave, Iqbal holds her behind determined not to let her go. He assures he would protect her family and sends a man after them.

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