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Once There Was A King Tuesday 14th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 14th June 2022: Once There Was A King 14 June 2022, Raja jumps into the guard. A guard asks why he is entering. One of the security guard comes to let him go inside, as poor have gathered for alms. Raja comes to stand in a queue, where Raaj Mata brings dresses to distribute among the poor on Rani’s birthday. A police inspector comes to tell Raaj Mata that there was no chance for Raja to survive in the forest. Raja runs away into the forest crying. He screams why Rani left him alone. He envisions Rani and himself playing in the same forest. Rani had said that she wanted to see how much he loves her. Raja had carved their name over the tree trunk; and named the tree as Rani Tree. Rani corrected its Raja Rani Tree. Raja teased her later, and chased her. He now came to cry hugging the same trunk.

There Iqbal announces laying the foundation of an orphanage. For the world it’s only an orphanage, but for his fiancé it is her dreams. A group of ladies arrive, Raja was shocked to see Rani walking towards them. She walks towards Iqbal who holds her hand, and says the foundation of their love had been laid a long time ago. People cheered them, as Iqbal and Rani places the first brick.
The engineer points at a problem, the tree was there in the midst of the building; should they cut it. Iqbal looks towards Rani, Rani says this tree lives for thousand years, its roots would weaken the building. Two of the men go with the axe, while Raja runs towards the tree. He takes the cutter off their hands, but fell off himself. Rani hurries towards him, wondering if he is fine. Iqbal prevents her from straightening him and the men help Raja.

His face had been covered with mud. Rani calls for water. Iqbal was about to splash the water over his face, but a lady runs in between. It was Bindu under the veil, and takes Raja along as her husband. Rani stops the lady, recognizing her voice. Bindu says her voice is really common and takes Raja along. Rani looks behind them.
In the palace, Iqbal and Rani come to greet Raaj Mata. Iqbal explains he wants to take Raaj Mata’s permission to gift her something. Rani takes the box. Iqbal asks if she liked it, Rani replies a lot.
There, Raja cries wondering how Rani’s love died only in four months. Bindu comes to stop him from harming himself. Raja cries that Rani said their lives and fates were even united, she broke everything by committing herself to someone else. Raja was in disbelief, it seemed to be a dream but it was a reality; he must have better died as Rani’s betrayal would never let him live.

Rano appreciate the diamond he found for her. Iqbal says he also think about the diamond he found, it’s nothing in front of her beauty. Raaj Mata asks about girl’s school. Iqbal says he is really stubborn and will get the work done, Raaj Mata says she know about it.
Bindu says she is also shocked, but has no reply to any of his questions. She only know that Rani has started a new life, he must also forget her. Raja was determined to revenge Rani.

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