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Once There Was A King Tuesday 10th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 10th July 2022: Once There Was A King 10 July 2022, Raja tells Naina to get out of his house and never return to him with this face. He pushes her out of the main door over the floor, calling her stupid. Naina runs away.
At home, Naina returns crying. Her mother and Rekha cheerfully welcomes her, Rekha warning her to do some kissing scene. Naina remembers about Raja and hugs her mother.

Raja’s men come to him with Rani’s dead body photo. Raja was left in shock.
In the room, Naina stops her tears saying it was Raja who did everything wrong. The next time she will tear that don apart with the sharpest knife at home. She fights her pillow in hand.
Raja speaks to Rani’s photo wondering how dare she died; he has been waiting to revenge her and share his hatred for her. He has snatched his last hope of life; but it’s good as he would no longer need to see her liar face again.

At home, Naina angrily watches herself in the mirror. Her shadow appears in the mirror, asking what about the mark he gave her; what about her mother’s dreams as he is the financer of the film she got selected for. Outside, Naina’s mother thanks Vijay. Vijay calls Naina as hers, he demands a complete return. Naina’s mother promises to give him anything. Vijay says he might ask anything, she stands challenging him to ask. Naina comes out of the room, everyone around had gathered to clap for her. Her mother and sister were hopeful about her successes.

On the sets, Vijay stuffs Naina’s mouth and drags her aside as Raja had arrived. Vijay asks Naina for something in return. Naina says there is no exchanges in friendship. Vijay holds Naina’s face, and asks her to be his. She pushes him away, and warns she hates such jokes. If there was someone else in his place… she stops at once remembering about Raja.
The director was briefing Raja about casting a new girl. Naina watches Raja and thinks she can’t break her mummy’s dream. Naina’s mother and sister arrive on the set, but they weren’t allowed anyway.
Naina cries in washroom, then reminds herself that nothing can stop her from fulfilling her mummy’s dream. Raja wasn’t ready to wait for heroine anymore. Naina calls from behind that she is ready. Mummy and Rekha were upset for not being able to get inside.

Raja turns to begin the shot. He throws the board away watching Naina there. He moves towards her, demanding what she is doing here. She jerks her hand away, asking if it means to him. She is the heroine of this film. Raja was furious, he claps demanding what the director had seen in her. Naina asks what’s wrong with him, she has never caused him any harm atleast not deliberately. Raja reminds her of her self-respect, she must leave the film just like she left the money. Raja says she knew he was the financer of this film then why she still signed the movie. He says Naina must not know the meaning of respect, love or anything other than money in life. He warns the director to fire this girl, else he won’t be able to make the film again. He leaves the sets. Naina’s mother runs inside the sets.

Naina was standing on stage, when mummy and Rekha cheerfully come to her excited. The director announces her daughter can no more do this film. Mummy was sure she would get the next shot really well. Naina apologizes mummy for not being able to fulfil her dreams, but luck isn’t with her. Mummy fell on the stage, unconscious.

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