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Once There Was A King Thursday 9th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Thursday 9th June 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Thursday 9 June 2022 Zee World updates, Rani slaps Iqbal saying he is always proud of his manlihood. Those who stab at the back are never men, he should have attacked her from the front. Iqbal says its was like a poison for him to call her and Raja as friends. Rani says she suspected Iqbal already because no one else knew about Agarwal and juice factory but he did. She then brings witness to Iqbal that no girl died that night. Jeewan and Shashi come in to tell Iqbal that their car struck a tree, and no girl died. Iqbal wasn’t ready to accept their witness as they are Raja’s friend. Rani gives an ultimatum to Iqbal to leave the city as soon as possible. Iqbal shouts that Rani’s husband is in jail, for accusation of killing forty people; no one in the city respect Rani and if they were there they should also get the punishment. Rani moves forward and sends Jeewan and Shashi away. Iqbal tells Rani she is weak and can’t counter him.

Rani tells Iqbal that he is only accusing Raja pointlessly. She would protect her husband from any played trick of Iqbal. Iqbal holds a hand to snatch Rani’s identities of bride. She holds his hand, and warns him to send him to jail. She is aware Nusrat is alive and the whereabouts of Agarwal. Iqbal insists he would burn her and Raja both, Rani replies they would see.
The next morning, in palace Rani finds a note in her room. Iqbal comes from behind to fear her, then says the pleasure of enemity lessen when the enemy is an idiot. His whole game has been set because of Agarwal, he couldn’t leave him spare. Rani fell on the couch, Iqbal bends over her saying he wants to tell her about the whereabouts of Agarwal. Agarwal would leave for Delhi station exactly after 32 hours and he would travel to Mumbai from Delhi. Rani tells Iqbal not her, but lay would kidnap Agarwal. She runs outside, and hurries to police station.

Rani requests the inspector to kidnap Agarwal. The inspector wasn’t ready, as the company was solely on Raja’s name and they can’t harass anyone. Iqbal comes to side Rani, and asks the inspector to speak politely. Rani accuses Iqbal, inspector asks wasn’t he a friend of Rani till yesterday. Rani runs towards Raja’s lock up. Iqbal comes to her, saying he has already played his game. She should have realized earlier she won’t find Raja here. Rani comes to question the inspector about Raja.
On the way, Raja was shocked to hear about Jaipur. At police station, inspector tells Rani that orders were for Patna. It was Iqbal who used his influence to transfer him to Jaipur. When the inspector left, Iqbal tells Rani that Agarwal has already sit in the train and his train would leave for Delhi in 15 minutes. Raja is on his way to Jaipur. Now its Rani’s turn to decide where she has to go.
Rani comes to interfere Governor’s meeting. She asks the governor to check as her husband is being sent to Jaipur. The governor hands Rani a letter that she is being suspended from MLA post until the charges over her husband are cleared.

Raja requests the inspector to let him meet Rani for once. The inspector apologizes as its because of his safety. Raja was worried that he can’t live while being away from her. There Rani ran outside governor’s house. There, Raja recall his times with Rani. Rani runs towards the car and instructs the driver to reach Amirkot station, they are left with only ten minutes. The driver drives rashly. Rani was shocked to see when Iqbal turns around. He tells Rani today he is her driver, and he is Rani’s friend and is fulfilling his friendship.
Raja spots the inspector’s gun.
Iqbal asks whom she want to go to, Agarwal on station or Raja?
Raja points a gun at the inspector, and asks him to remove his handcuff.
There, Iqbal turns the speedy cars and hit a tree. He was injured. Rani runs out of the car into the forest. Raja gets off the car, throws the gun down and run away. The inspector calls from behind at Raja to stop, else they must shoot. Rani hears this call, then Raja shouting her name. She shouts back.

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