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Once There Was A King Thursday 7th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Thursday 7th April 2022: Once There Was A King Thursday 7 April 2022, Rani comes to Raja’s room when he was in bath. He asks her for towel and his clothes, smiling as she looked away. He changes his pants while Rani hides her face and her eyes were shut. Raja comes to touch her face, she jerks. Raja asks why she is so shy today, she just want someone rich in her life. He was there yesterday, today Jeewan is there; he can be in her life for a while again. He tries to hold her close, she pushes him away. He holds her by waist, and says she belongs to him and he can touch her anywhere. Rani reminds Raja he will burn if he tries to touch again, there was no friend like her and there won’t be a worse enemy like her. She returned to see how far his hatred of childhood will take her, to see how he breaks after losing the game in the hands of a girl. Jeewan is better than him because he doesn’t need anyone else to fell down, to raise their standard. Bindu comes calling Raja.

Rani eats on the bench outdoor alone. Jeewan comes to hand her a tissue, he offers Rani 3 lacs, and she must return them to Rani. Rani wasn’t about to be indebted by her friends, she was determined to fight and win. Time has a quality, it changes for sure. She then offers Jeewan laddu that her Dadu prepared, Jeewan demands to eat with her hand. Raja watches this from upstairs curtly.
Raja was watching logos in a file, Rani comes there. Raja asks her to choose any of the styles. Rani says she is neither concerned with the name, nor with the design. Raja says she has to stay with this name forever. He tells Rani she must get a tattoo over her hand. Rani resists while Raja holds her on the chair. Raja has a flashback from his childhood when the children in his boarding pinned him down and tattooed his body. Rani demands Raja to leave her. Raja agrees but on a condition that she fell over his feet and apologize, accepting she was greedy. Rani was silent, Raja holds her hand, she shouts in agony as the name was tattooed on her arm.

Amrita comes there to get Rani spared from Raja. Raja held a hand over her, then realizes his mistake. Amrita demands him to go on, she went to visit temples for peace but forgot the walls made up of sin can never be a source of peace. Today, he succeed in writing over his mother’s heart that he is an animal. Raja says she is his servant, he can make her do anything. Amrita objects that she is just a servant, not a toy. She takes Rani along and put on medicine over it, bandaging the bruise. She accepts to Rani that she couldn’t be a good mother to Raja. Rani says a mother can never be wrong and leaves after thanking Amrita.
Rani comes back home, Raaj Mata tells her about cooking Kari for her. Rani laughs aloud. Raaj Mata laughs with her but was worried when Rani begins to cry. Rani just hugged her.
Amrita inquires Kaal if Raja’s name had been written on that girl’s hand today, she must be labelled to be a bad mother. Kaal was indifferent and unconcerned about that girl. Amrita asks him to fear God. Kaal gets curt at her and was about to slap her when Raja holds his hand in mid-air.

Raaj Mata tells Rani she know Raja must have tied this bandage. Rani says he only injured her. Raaj Mata was determined to talk to him, Rani replies it isn’t needed. Raaj Mata calls Rani so different, she can’t see Raja in trouble and was happy Rani got her Raja. Tears fell off Rani’s hand.
Kaal asks how dare Raja held his hand. Raja boasts Kaal doesn’t have the courage to envision Raja’s dare, he must remember when hand is held above a certain level it gets broken. In old age, his broken hand might not join. Kaal reminds steel toys must never confront glass ones. Kaal says he always wanted to see the animal inside him, today he has seen. Raja complains Amrita had she stopped this hand ten years ago, he wouldn’t be an animal. Amrita cries that she couldn’t stop his father, but will stop her son for sure. He is doing the same with Rani, what his father has done to her.
Rani tries to rub the embarked name of Raja, and cries that girls write their love’s name with henna.

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