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Once There Was A King Thursday 6th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Thursday 6th May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Thursday 6 May 2022 Zee World updates, Raja wakes up in the bed to find Bindu with him. Rani comes calling him, and meets Bari Rani Maa. Rani tells her she doesn’t want to speak to her. Bari Rani Maa boasts no one has ever been able to cross her. Rani stops her saying her parents and Dadu couldn’t win over her because they only watched her over as an elder, but she foresee her as an old tree who can’t stop the ways of newer streams. She pushes Bari Rani Maa. Raja comes downstairs, Rani runs towards him and cries hugging him. Raja doesn’t hug back. Rani apologizes Raja, as she was punishing him for the mistakes he never committed. Raja stood upset. Rani says she has now understood her love, and can’t live without him. She boasts he only belongs to her and hugs him. Bindu had come to the staircase wrapped in the sheet. Rani asks him to be his wife again, and demands her mangal sooter back. Raja was unable to speak. Amrita says she will get her mangal sooter back, it’s a right of a wife and Raja would return this right to her in front of everyone. She asks him to get her daughter in law back home tomorrow, she hugs them both as they have already taken many testimonies. Rano holds Raja’s hand behind Amrita, but he withdraws it wondering how he must tell Rani what mistake he has committed.

In the room, Raja shatters a bottle. Bindu comes to insist that Raja still loves her. Raja says he only loves Rani and watches the broken bottle with blood all over the floor. He takes the attention of Bindu to her hurt foot and removes the glass of her feet. Raja apologizes for what happened, and wish it hadn’t. He considered her Rani while drunk, he was clueless about how it happened and he committed a huge mistake. Bindu smiles about the success of her plan. Raja joins his hands to Bindu as he doesn’t love her. Bindu questions till when he would name their love as friendship, she has handed everything in his hands. Raja pushes her away, he is ashamed for what happened but he only loves Rani. He doesn’t know how he would share this with Rani, and leaves the room.
In the store room, Raja hurts himself with a hunter. He curses himself for betraying Rani and calls himself a sinner. He has ruined three lives, himself, Rani and Bindu. He won’t be able to hide this truth from Rani anymore.

In the morning, Rani opens the door to Raja and notices him upset. Raja was about to speak when Meenu comes to greet Raja. Rani calls him inside, and wasn’t ready to listen to him. Raaj Mata comes with the aarti thaal, while Amrita was also there. Raja wish this smoke could make everything better. Rani forwards her hand for her right, and reminds him of her mangal sooter. She asks if he has forgotten. Meenu teases that she must be thankful he only forgot the mangal sooter. Amrita hands him an envelope, it contained two tickets so that they can get away from all the tensions of palace. Raaj Mata tells Raja that Rana ji and Gayatri also went here for their first vacation.
Gayatri tells Raja to go now, Amrita would stay with her until he returns to take her in the evening. She calls him from behind, reminding to bring mangal sooter.
In the palace, Raja comes to Bindu and cheers watching him. Raja holds her back, joins his hands to apologize again. He kneels down and wants her not to ruin three lives because of a single night. Bindu inquires what would happen to her. She grabs his collar saying she can neither forget him nor last night. Bindu cries in the room when Bari Rani maa comes in advising Bindu to go to any extent to get her love.

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