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Once There Was A King Thursday 5th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 5th July 2022: Once There Was A King 5 July 2022, Raja wash the blood off his face and speaks in the mirror if Rani is happy, as the Raja who loved her has died. She should celebrate today, this is the biggest day of her life. There police man instructs his subordinate look for any relative of Rani.

Raja says he only wished for Rani’s happiness, but she didn’t share a single sadness with him as well. It must be a disgrace to love, if he discuss her disloyalty. From today, he isn’t her Raja, but only Raja. He puts the sunglasses on, and walks out into the corridor.
In the room, Laila was being harassed by Veera for inheritance issues. Raja comes as Laila’s savior, and goes to confront Veera, clutching his jaw and putting him down.

He asks Veera to repeat who has taken BS place? Veera says it’s Laila. Raja asks if someone has any objection. He says she is the Begum. Laila says Raja is the king, but Raja calls himself a minister who stands between the world and Begum.
At night, Raja was sitting with Vikrant, who had fallen asleep. Laila comes to BS photo. Raja comes outside, Laila breathes heavily as she looks towards him and says either moon or lover wake so late. Raja qualifies he is only a caretaker.

Laila moves her fingers over his chest, calling herself precious; till when he will take care. Raja replies his tongue matters the most for him. Laila calls him to follow her, and gets to her bed. She invites Raja inside, but Raja says he will fulfil his promise but only staying out of the door. Laila was irked.

The next morning, Raja walks to a Pooja with his men. A goon fires a bullet over his chest, but he had work a shield. The goon fell to his feet, Raja gives him time till he is doing aarti, warning if he runs slowly the bullet might get him halfway. He miss Rani while all the Pooja rituals. He joins his hands to the idol, saying the memories have erased but he still feels her to be nearby. He can still hear her footsteps.

Just behind him in the crowd, a girl dances freely.
Raja says he always had a reason to live, today he accepts his defeat and requests to get rid of his memories.
The girl dances close to Raja, and prays standing just behind him. Raja turns towards a man, but doesn’t look at her. She swirls around and leave the crowd, her dupatta rolls over Raja’s face but he could only see her back.

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