Once There Was A King Thursday 31st February 2022

On Once There Was A King Thursday 31st February 2022: Once There Was A King Thursday 31 February 2022, Kunwar ji watches Kaal throw the knife just in front of a small child who pee in fear. He says that since he was afraid, now he would get punished; if not him then his father. People around say it’s his own son. Kaal says the child will get punishment. He picks the child up and was about to throw him when Kunwar ji shouts a no. Kaal throws the knife just in front of him, asking who he is. Kunwar ji shows him the ring and throw it towards him. He recognizes it.
Gayatri instructs the servant about decorating the palace till morning. She takes the Thaal of Pooja from his hand, she feels dizzy at once. Rana ji comes to hold her, she says she might not have slept enough. She watches stains on his shirt and was shocked to see blood. Rana ji says it’s not blood, its kumkum. She hugs him saying she is worried.

Lakhan comes to Swarna’s room, she was getting ready and hide her face saying a groom must not see the bride before marriage. Lakhan holds her towards him and says he has awaited to get her for a long time, he never dreamt of marrying a prince. He promises her not to let tears come in her eyes. Swarna cries and says sometimes tears are of happiness as well. She asks him to go now, it’s a bad omen. Lakhan cups her face and says watching her can never be a bad omen. He kisses her forehead, she pushes him away and ties her chain around his wrist; he must watch it when he remembers her. They head some noice, Lakhan goes out of the window. Gayatri comes in and says no bride must have been as beautiful as she is.

A guard gives Bari Rani Maa the sweet of Swarna and Lakhan’s wedding sweet. Gayatri and Rana ji looks towards each other while bring the bride and groom respectively from the stairs. They take seats.
Kaal comes into the palace, fighting the guards, swirling the knives in hands. Bari Rani Maa notices his presence. One of the guards come to slap Kaal but of no use. He arrives in front of the jail Bari Rani Maa was locked into and deroots the gate with single jerk. Bari Rani Maa says there is wedding at home, should they go to bless them and walks out.
The wedding begin, Swarna and Lakhan share an eye lock before putting on flower garland around each other’s necks. Bari Rani Maa headed towards the hall with Kaal and Kunwar ji. Kaal fights the guards on duty. Gayatri feels dizzy at once, Raaj Mata notices while Rana ji holds her. Gayatri says she isn’t fine, she feels dizzy and nauseatic but waits for the wedding to end. Rana ji says this dizzinesss has been in his favor, she used to leave his hand before in shyness but today she has held his hand. Kokilla wonders if it’s about what she is thinking.

The wedding thread break, Swarna was worried it’s a bad omen. Gayatri thinks about the stain on Rana ji’s shirt and was worried. Raaj Mata says it was a weak thread so it broke, she asks Swarna to tie the other. Kunwar ji laughs as Kaal hurts the guards around. Rana ji whispers to Gayatri he wants to remarry watching them getting married. Gayatri stares at him, he says he wants to remarry her because when they had married before he didn’t like her. She asks now? He says he will think about it. He says it’s going to be one year to their marriage in a few days, what about getting married again? Bari Rani Maa says today Kaal is coming with her, its Kaal of Rana ji and his family.
Pandit ji asks who would do the Kaniadaan, Swarna was upset at once. Rana ji stands up and announces he would do it. If a father can’t do it, it’s a brother’s right. Swarna cheers. All at once the fire goes off, windows slap in windstorm. Gayatri goes to shut the windows. Swarna was upset, Gayatri asks Pandit to begin again. Gayatri ties the knot and the wedding rounds begin. Rana ji throws the flowers over Gayatri, both play with each other. Bari Rani Maa enter the hall with Kaal and points towards him. He takes an aim and throws the knife.

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