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Once There Was A King Thursday 27th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Thursday 27th May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Thursday 27 May 2022 Zee World updates, The inspector announces this party was because of Raja’s birthday. The prisoners leave the hall, while Raja and Rani were left alone. He thanks her, as he never got such a gift before. Rani says this isnt the gift, and hands him the bunch of flower wishing him birthday. Raja questions why she shows such attitude when she loves him. Rani says someone’s advice worked for her, Raja inquires about her friend? She says she isn’t a girl, but may be true.

Raja was jealous, Rani asks him to read through her eyes. Raja was sad about being caught in jail, Rani hands his bail papers with tears in her eyes. Raja was elated, but Kaal calls from his prison that it’s Raja’s end today. He shouts the bullet before anyone could understand. Rani cries trying to support Raja, who fell over the floor. Kaal laughs that its Rani’s turn, but the police had got him by then. He fights everyone to run away. Raja lay on the floor, unconscious.
Rani and Ambika bring Raja to hospital. Rani tells Ambika it was Kaal. The inspector inquires the old aide of Kaal, their senior sends his team to look for Kaal. Rani wonders if his hands didn’t shiver for once while shooting his own son. Ambika prays that Kaal gets to pay for his sins today.
Kaal was present inside the jail, he beats a prisoner when the others point guns over him. He confirms from jailer if Raja has died?

Rani prays in front of temple, about Raja’s wellbeing. A doctor comes to tell Rani they need O negative blood group urgently. Another doctor says he has another patient with O negative blood group. Nusrat was praying at the time, the doctor brings her to his room. They watch Nusrat praying, Rani recognizes her injured hands. She recognizes Nusrat by name, Nusrat asks Rani what happened to her. Rani pleads her to save her husband’s life, Nusrat was willing to help her husband at once. Rani requests her to return his breathes. Nusrat comes with Rani, she asks Rani’s permission to read her God’s name over her husband’s forehead. She allows the doctor to take her blood now.
Shabnam pours wine for Thakur. Iqbal comes there, throws a bundle of rupees for Shabnam. Shabnam tells him Nusrat isn’t here, she has gone to hospital to get her bandage changed. Iqbal wonders if she got 4 hours for change of bandage only; and leaves in search of her warning Shabnam.

In the hospital, the doctors assure Rani her husband is safe but might get conscious in a while. The inspector comes to take Rani as she is the eye witness. Rani watches Nusrat leaving, and shares her worry. Nusrat assures her that everything must be fine, she shouldn’t leave the side of her love anyway. Rani hugs Nusrat, thanking her. Nusrat was shocked to see Iqbal coming from behind, he drags her towards himself. He scolds her for wasting her time in hospital, and shouts she has no right even over the blood in her body; how dare she donated for him? Rani explains there wasn’t enough time to ask anyone, it was about her husband’s life. Iqbal shouts she has no right to decide. Rani says he every time proves her as wrong. He clutches Nusrat’s arm and takes her along, Iqbal tells Rani he can do anything to her and drags her along.

Rani witnesses against Kaal shooting Raja. It shows clearly that he planned Rajbeer Singh’s death. She comes to him saying he won’t even get a death penalty, she would get him lifelong jail. She comes to hospital to wake Raja up, and rubs his hand. Raja finally moves his hand, and comes to consciousness. Rani speaks to him that she was really afraid, and calls him real stubborn. He warns she would lose her life if this happens again, and kiss over his forehead. Raja asks who is she, and withdraws his hand from hers; unable to recognize anyone. Everyone was shocked. He looks around blankly.

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