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Once There Was A King Thursday 26th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 26th July 2022: Once There Was A King 26 July 2022, Naina was distracted from putting henna over Laila’s hand, Raja banged his hand over the staircase. Naina watched him. Laila takes her attention and asks to write the name. She was shocked to see while Naina writes a wrong name, Don Ji. Laila asks where Naina’s attention is. Naina apologizes as it was only by mistake. Nani tells Naina the groom’s name is written on bride’s hand only so that their fates get connected, she couldn’t fulfil a single ritual properly. Naina runs upstairs.
Mummy and Rekha knocked at Naina’s door, as she cried inside stuffing her face into a cushion. Rekha finally comes inside asking why Naina is crying, she never paid attention to Nani’s talks before. Rekha confirms from Naina if she doesn’t like Raja marrying Laila. Outside, Nani tells Mummy she would not let Naina ruin her Laila’s life. Rekha says Naina worked so hard to unite them, and now since everything is going so well why is she upset. She wonder if its love. Naina denies being such a girl, she wonders how she can fall in love with Raja.

In the morning, Laila was selecting her dress. Naina comes outside, Laila apologizes for being rude last night. Naina says Laila looks beautiful in any dress. Raja passes by, Vikrant asks Raja to select a dress for his bride. He replies to Laila he never understands such things, but Laila requests for two minutes. She gives him two choices to look as his Rani, Raja was taken aback. Laila places the second dress over Naina, and wears one herself. Raja stood silently, he points towards Naina. Laila cheers and takes the dress off Naina saying she also liked this dress the most. She asks if she looks good, Raja leaves silently. Naina turns to leave, but Laila stops her as they have to buy dresses for Naina, Rekha and Mummy as well. Tears fill Naina’s eyes, Laila assures she would stay in the same house even after getting married. Naina calls Laila as a nice person, Naina is not a good one and doesn’t deserve much love from her.
Raja stops Naina in a corridor and asks why is Naina doing this to her. When rituals make you hurt, she must stay away from them. Naina says its Laila’s wedding, she must participate well in them. Raja asks Naina what she wants. Naina replies she wants Raja to be happy, Raja questions why? He says she struggled to unite him and Laila, then why it feels as if Naina is losing something by herself. Naina says she doesn’t know. Raja says its love; it doesn’t only shatter heart but hopes, feelings and emotions. Living with pain of love is very tough. He turns to leave, Rani was about to fell beside a wall. Raja clarifies he has nothing in his heart for her, she must erase whatever she has in her heart. Naina cries inside the room.

There are strong winds in the room at once, some paintings of Rani fell off the wardrobe. Naina was shocked to see her face in them. She cheers that Raja even paints her face, and hugs the painting. She was elated to think Raja loves her.
Vikrant asks Raja if he liked his idea. Raja was lost in some thought. Vikrant complaint Raja wasn’t listening to him, and teases if he was thinking about Laila. Vikrant was upset that he won’t be able to sleep in his room when he marries Laila, and asks to come to his room with Naina. Raja hugs Vikrant and comes outside the room. Naina stood there to ask a question from Raja. He wasn’t ready to reply. She follows Raja saying he hid his love story by himself. Raja tells her to go and sleep, Laila would need her tomorrow. Naina suggests her not to lose his happiness in quest of finding it for others; she wants him to stay happy forever. Raja turns to say he wants her live happily, she must forget him. Rani cries behind.

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