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Once There Was A King Thursday 20th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 20th June 2022: Once There Was A King 20 June 2022, Rani was crying. Raaj Mata reminds her about her decision not to bear any pain anymore. Rani was helpless about her feelings. The most difficult thing is to fake love to your enemy. Raaj Mata insists that to break him, she must win his trust; she needs to hide her tears because if Nawab watches them she will lose the game. Nawab has fallen in love with her, and she is as close to hurt him. Rani tells Raaj Mata that Nawab’s business is his strength, he is going to weaken the foundation of his business.

Iqbal was packing money for contractor to begin work at school. Income tax inspectors come to search for his house. Rano comes with flowers for him, and wonders what’s happening. Nawab asks her to leave right now, but she says she had been missing him. The inspectors being money from under a couch, Iqbal explains they are from a deal of a property. Another one brings a file, saying the deal was finalized in black. The inspector confiscate all his money. Rano assures Iqbal to help him, as this school is her dream as well. Iqbal wasn’t ready to take help from women, he loves with a raised head.
Bindu comes with the good news about raid on Nawab’s house. Raja wanted to kiss the face of one who did this. Rani recalls sharing with Raaj Mata that Iqbal is collecting black money for school, she calls income tax office to complaint against it.

Raja was happy that his first step has been taken already. Now he would go to his next step against Iqbal.
There, Rani asks Iqbal not to break, as it hurts him. Iqbal was upset what if this school is never constructed. Rani thinks this is exactly what she wants. Raja holds the phone to call Iqbal. Iqbal couldn’t recognize Raja who introduces himself as his biggest enemy. He asks Iqbal if he was his biggest enemy, had he called him. He tells Iqbal he is an investor, and got to know about his school project. Iqbal asks how he came to know about it, Raja says a world know about his success. Iqbal owns some other property, if they meet for school they would work on other projects as well. Iqbal calls him for a meeting to his home. Raja demands to meet somewhere out, Iqbal invites him at his fiance’s house; Amirkot palace. Iqbal informs Rani about the investor.

Bindu questions Raja what is he upto. Raja looks towards her with a spark in his eyes.
At night, Rani was worried that this investor might ruin her game. Raaj Mata says every evil has a weakness, she would surely find a way to get rid of this investor. Later, Rani wakes up from sleep crying as she looks towards the moon. Raja also comes to balcony, both watches the moon. Rani cries for Raja. Raja holds her bangle, then breaks it in hand remembering Rani’s hand in Iqbal’s. Rani kissed the red bangles after wearing them, she speaks to Raja’s photo about how they look.
Raja throws darts over Rani’s face, out of rage.
There, Rani swears to spoil Nawab, afterwards she would only be his.

The next morning, Rani was restlessly waiting for Nawab’s new investor. She finds white dress and red bangles lying on the table, and recalls her wedding with Raja and feels as if Raja has arrived. She runs downstairs looking around, someone was passing outside the window and she could see the shadow. She goes calling who is there, but only sees a shadow. The sindoor box slips off her hands and she rolls into the arms on a Sikh man, he was Raja in disguise. He asks Rani about sindoor. He asks whose does this sindoor belongs to. Rani replies she found it in her old luggage, and asks who he is. Raja replies, he is Raja, Raja of hearts and plays music for her. Rani was moved by the tune he played. Raaj Mata runs outside.
Iqbal hurries there, apologetic for being late. Raja says those who waste time are wasted by time. He says he met Iqbal’s Rani as Raja of heart. He is meeting Iqbal as his investor, Mr Bangat Singh. Everyone looks towards him.

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