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Once There Was A King Thursday 19th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 19th July 2022: Once There Was A King 19 July 2022, Naina comes across Raja in the corridor. She forbids him drink at night, as he should take milk at this time. He recalls Rani. Naina calls him as angry man, and his environment as cheap one. Raja was enraged. Raja warns Naina to shut in the cupboard if she speaks another word. He leaves his mouth, both share an eyelock.
Rekha comes outside and asks Naina if she is fine. Naina says her heart is not fine.

Next morning, Naina shares a new idea with Laila and urges her to comply with it. She suggests about music being played for Raja. Naina and Vikrant like it, but Laila doesnt like the music. They now play a fast song and dance together.
At night, Raja was sitting with his drink in painting room. Naina brings Laila, and plays back in Laila’s face. Raja recalls Rani’s singing and bangs his head shut. He burns the photos around out of rage. Laila and Naina tries to stop him, but he shuts them both out. He then tells Naina he hates her, and she must leave his life. Its her face, that turned his love filled heart to stone. Naina cries in her mother’s lap that Raja called her bad names.

Late at night, both Raja and Naina cry seperately in windows. Raja picks the ashes in hands, and says Rani again proved him wrong. It still feels he should have got a chance to tell her how much he hates her. Both cry.
The next morning, Raja tells Laila to keep Naina away from him. SHe must never be close to where he is, she was singing like crazy midnight. Laila must keep Naina away from him and leave. Laila says she was singing that song. Raja turns out of shock, Laila says this is her house as well and she has a right to sing anytime. she leaves. Raja was stunned, and recalls cursing Naina last night.

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