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Once There Was A King Thursday 14th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Thursday 14th April 2022 Once: There Was A King Thursday 14 April 2022, Rani gets herself freed from Raja who goes to pour water for himself where he finds medicine for sleep. She recalls about mixing them in water, in hope for Raja to wear them. Raja’s head bang badly. There Jeewan searched for a wooden log but before that Raja had already fallen over floor. Jeewan appreciates Rani for doing whatever she did, he drags her out as she came to take her. Raja’s vision blurred, but he watches Rani go hand in hand with Jeewan. Rani walks out thinking about Raja’s words. She fell in the way crying. Jeewan gives his hand to Rani, she holds it then withdraws her hand. She tells Jeewan she can’t leave. Jeewan was stunned, Rani says she has to stay for Raja. She mixed sleeping pills in his wine, she can’t leave him again. She can’t repeat her mistake to betray Raja and walks inside. Jeewan was helpless. Rani looks around for Raja as he was nowhere. Jeewan shouts at her to protect herself from wild animals, she is going to save the person who was about to take her life a while ago.

Rani announces she can’t leave Raja, he is hers and needs her. They need each other. Jeewan asks why she can’t stay without him, Rani replies she love him; Jeewan was speechless. Rani cries getting on floor, that she loves Raja a lot. Jeewan kneels besides her saying Raja is fond of playing with people’s emotions. He doesn’t know what Raja told her, but he only know how to give trouble to people. Rani accepts Raja turned to Rajveer only because of Jeewan’s lie and her silence. If they had bear it all, they would have become his alike. Jeewan qualifies Raja is well aware he must chain her by her heart and mind to enslave her forever. Rani withdraws from Jeewan’s grip, she insists she only belong to Raja no matter what. Jeewan was sure the day Raja’s real face comes to her, she will hate him. Rani leaves towards Raja as he needs her. Tear fell down Jeewan’s eyes.
Raja walks back to his room, Amrita was worried for him and calls Kaal and Bari Rani Maa for help. Raja takes a bottle of wine from his cup board, thinking about Rani and Jeewan together. He takes the papers from his cupboard that Rani pasted around his room for exam preparation; their childhood mask, the cloth piece tied around his chest injury and clutch it all; curtly saying she left him.

Amrita comes downstairs to ask the servant about Kaal and Bari Rani Maa. No one was home, Amrita things about doing something. Raja throw the wine on floor, thinking about Rani’s love confession for him. Amrita comes calling Raja in his room. Raja burns a match stick saying today he has to burn her memories like she has always burnt his heart. Amrita comes to watch this, and calls Raja in concern. Rani comes from behind. Raja thinks she got very late. Rani joins her hands apologizing, Rani looks around for a way to get him out, then says she won’t leave his side for once again. If he has to burn, she will also burn with him. She forwards her hand for him to hold. Amrita urges Raja to come out of this fire, Raja watches the fire reaching Rani. He was about to hold her hand when Jeewan comes to save Rani. Rani resist Jeewan, crying that Raja will burn. Jeewan drags Rani behind. Amrita swears Raja to come out, Raja vows to come back only in a condition that Rani leaves. He turns to tell Rani go away, else he will burn in the same fire. Jeewan holds Rani behind and insists on Rani to understand it’s his trap. Amrita asks Jeewan to take Rani away and calls the servants to get water buckets. The fire was put off.
Jeewan put on medicine over Rani’s burnt hand. Rani tells him Jeewan is hurt because he thought she betrayed him again, she won’t leave him this time. Jeewan’s hand was also burnt, he holds Rani’s arm asking her not to go to him as Raja isn’t in his senses. Rani cries hard for him, Jeewan was silent all along. Rani lay her head over Jeewan while crying, his hand trembled as he holds it to put it around Rani, tears fell off his eyes.

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