Once There Was A King Thursday 12th July 2022 Zee World updates

On Once There Was A King 12th July 2022: Once There Was A King 12 July 2022, Laila enters Raja’s room furiously. Raja asks what this craziness is. Laila says this is love, she has always accepted whatever he said but today every limit was broken. He allowed a dancer inside the room. What’s in that girl which Laila doesn’t have? No one can come into his life or bed, when Laila is there. Raja was disgusted that she is thinking he paid that girl for… Laila asks what else this means. Laila grabs his arms saying he only belongs to her.
Rekha and Naina sat beside their mummy. Naina was sure mummy would sure get up and will inquire them if they have taken their beauty treatments. Vijay comes there, thinking bad time will allow him hug Naina.

Raja was watching the sketches in the room. Laila comes from behind and frees him from her father’s promise, she doesn’t need him as his guard. Raja holds her hand and says she would find out for whom he is here. She watches Vikrant sketch, in which he and Raja were together while Laila waited aside.
Vijay comes to tell Rekha go home and take rest. She must get fresh and return, then Naina would take the turn. Naina agrees to Vijay. Vijay sits with Naina and clutches her hand tight. A glass drops off Naina’s hand.

Raja was just coming towards the room. Naina tells him to leave her hand, she explains to Vijay she never watched him with such intention. He places his shades over her eyes, to consider him now. Naina was reluctant, but Vijay forces her saying he helped her throughout her career. Naina resisted Vijay who held her hands tight. Naina says it was her mother’s dream, she doesn’t want to think about marriage right now. Vijay now clutches her face, saying he is not speaking about marriage but only wants her to be girlfriend.

Naina resists crying, while Vijay harass her. Raja enters the room, both stands up in shock. Naina says to Raja if he came for his money, she always paid that amount in hospital. Raja says he never remember what he has given as alms, he only came to confirm if her mother is really ill or she lied out of greed. After Raja had left, Vijay asks Naina why she went to Raja. The doctors come in a hurry to shift Raja in a VIP room. He complains Naina for not informing they are special to Raja.
Laila was watching their photo album, and speaks to KK why he left so early. She thinks it’s their grandmother who can complete her love life with Raja now.

Raja was drinking with his men, they ask Raja why he is helping her when she hates that girl. Raja says he hates every girl, but is doing this for his mother. Every girl and their love is a beautiful illusion. It’s like a cancer no doctor can diagnose. He stands up over the car, and shouts himself as the Raja of Mumbai. He hears Naina’s cries. Vijay was molesting Naina beside a wall. She slaps him, then was apologetic saying he can’t force her.

Vijay says he would show her what forcing something is, and unbuttons his shirt. He throws her dupatta away, but Raja clutches it from behind. He throws it over Naina, pushing Vijay away. Vijay calls themselves as lovers. Raja says when they love each other, why was she screaming. Vijay explains girls like such things, Raja asks Rani if she liked it. She denies. Vijay says she is his girlfriend, Raja must not interfere. Raja accepts, placing a hand over Vijay’s shoulder and brings him to a wall. He says a sorry to Vijay and forwards his hand for friendship.

Vijay takes it at once, Raja takes him into a hug calling him as friend and says now they will enjoy together and slaps Vijay. Vijay asks what this all is. Raja qualifies he is only teasing his friend. Vijay says he disliked this, but Raja again slapped him twice saying it all works in friendship. Raja insists that Vijay must be liking it, and is only denying this pointless. He repeats Vijay’s words to him and beats him badly. He tells Vijay no matter a girl is friend, girlfriend, or any stranger; when a girl says no it actually means a no. Vijay thinks this slap will cost them heavily and leaves. Raja also leaves with his men.

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