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Once There Was a King Thursday 10th February 2022

On Once There Was a King Thursday 10th February 2022: Once There Was a King Thursday 10 February 2022, Rani was left shocked, while Raja gets restless and denies recognizing anyone. Ambika cries, Rani tries to calm Raja down. The doctors arrive, Rani cries for Raja. The doctors assure Raja he is fine, Raja asks who is he, and tries to recall his memory wondering how he forgot his own name. They give him an injection to calm, Rani wasn’t ready to go out and cried badly.
Iqbal throws Nusrat over the bed at Shabnam’s place. He questions how dare she took a huge decision, why she went out of here alone? Nusrat accepts it’s all her mistake, in everything. She wants to leave, Iqbal says he has bought her time and she will only do what he would ask. Nusrat thanks him for reminding she is a pr*stitute. She questions why he come to her, when he hates her so much. Iqbal loosens his grip over her hand and leaves.
The doctor explains Rani that due to sudden trauma, he might have lost his memory. They need to get his tests done, and tells Rani about one way to stay beside Raja. Rani agrees. Rani lay in the bed, when Rani comes to the room in a nurse’s attire. He angrily asks if she came over again. Rani replies she is a nurse here, and it’s her shift.

He must bear her till tomorrow, she won’t bother him and will only take care of him. Raja turns his face away. Rani asks him to take medicine, he eats with a bad heart. Raja demands to have lemon drink, she goes to get it soon. He questions what this is, she reminds him about wanting lemon juice. Raja breaks the glass, saying he asked for orange juice. She returns empty handed, saying its not available. Raja complains about mosquitos. Then sends her to get another fan. Raja asks who made her a nurse, does anyone sleep while taking care of a patient. Raja laughs it was never lost. Rani gets angry about his joke and comes to hit him. Raja warns her about running away from bed, and screams while struggling for it. She moves towards him concerned, Raja laughs again. Rani begins crying, wondering what they ha

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