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Once There Was A King Sunday 8th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 8th July 2022: Once There Was A King 8 July 2022 , Raja enters the home while Naina hides behind her mother. A man with him introduces him as Raja Bhai, the don. Naina’s mother asks why he is staring her daughter. Naina says she isn’t afraid of him at all, she would call Vijay who is a police inspector and owns a revolver as well. The men with Raja laugh at her innocence. He looks towards them to stop, Raja opens his bag and hands it to Naina. She drops it down out of fear. Raja wears his sun glasses and leave.
Laila questions her men about Raja’s whereabouts. She sends them to go and find him.

There, Naina and her mother stood beside the bag. The mother open the box, it was full of money. She jerks Naina and asks where she met him. Naina explains she met him in the dance show and narrates her encounters with him. Her mother gets weepy, if she got so old to hide this all from her mother. She was worried that he is the don of Mumbai. Vijay comes inside saying the was there, nothing could happen to her. Her mother was worried, today he left money and tomorrow he would fire the bullets.

Vijay says he won’t shoot Naina, he only wants to sell her. Such smugglers always buy whatever they like. After Vijay has left, Naina’s mother cries.
In the car, Raja assigns his men to find Rani Gayatri Singh and her husband Iqbal from anywhere; either Mumbai or Amirkot.
At home, Naina assures her mother to give a reply to that don. He won’t dare again to do this to any girl. She takes the bag of money and leave with Vijay. Raja returns home. Laila questions where he had been, as she is still hungry.

Raja tells her eat and goes to his room. Laila follows him inside, and shouts she wasn’t done yet. Raja reminds her the limit of the door, he says he never entered her room and he doesn’t want her to enter his life as well. Laila minds him to lower his voice, would he show her limits to her? This house, this power and business doesn’t belong to him, but Laila only. He is only a caretaker, and should never try being a Raja. He reminded her of her limits, so she reminds him of his worth. Raja fell over the bed, as she leave; thinking about Rani.


At the door, Rani insists the guard to meet the don anyway. Vijay was afraid and stammers while he tries to convince Rani leave. Raja hears Rani’s calls from the gate. He comes out and allows Naina to come inside, but only the girl. Vijay was left outside, the doors closed. Naina walks towards him. He questions how dare she came here. Naina asks if only he can create a drama at other’s house.

Raja tells her to do what she came for. Naina gets weak at once, Vijay calls from behind that this girl is crazy and disturbed him, and he would take her along. Raja clutches Naina’s arm and drags her inside while she resists calling Vijay. Raja pushes her down on floor in the room, and pours a drink for himself. Naina stands up with tears in her eyes. Raja throws a bottle cap that chokes her throat. When she spits the cap outside, Naina insists she is neither his Rani nor his subject.

She only follows the instructor of dance director. Does he think she is a downtrodden girl? Raja recalls Rani also never bent in front of anyone. He walks close to Naina asking what kind of a girl is she not. Naina was terrified. Raja asks what she wants from here. Rani keeps the bag back into his feet. She says she isn’t a doll who can be bought; she can gain everything herself and doesn’t need any support.

Raja breaks the glass on floor out of rage, Naina screams Mummy! Raja qualifies he didn’t want to buy her at all, he only got that money to her for his misbehavior on the dance show. Naina says one must apologize for his mistake, not bring money to someone’s house. Raja shouts at her to leave his house right away.
The next morning, Rani was walking through the fire while two men followed her. She comes across Raja who holds her from front. She watches the goon leave watching Raja, and share an eye lock. Raja snatches the chain in her neck and pushes her down on floor.

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