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Once There Was A King Sunday 6th February 2022

On Once There Was A King Sunday 6th February 2022: Once There Was A King Sunday 6 February 2022, The lawyer assures Rani that Raja would soon get free. Iqbal comes to her office, Rani reminds about her condition. Iqbal taunts she might not read newspaper, else she must have read his apology. Rani challenges she wanted him to ask the whole world, Iqbal boasts a person can apologize without bending. He interrupts that he apologized Rani being a man, only because he has no free time. She must not get loud with him next time, female’s voice seems good when low. Rani rings her bell and instructs Meenu to get their whole staff here. She says till everyone hears, what an apology it would be. He must keep his voice high, as it suits men. She tells him to hurry up, as she also has no time to waste. Iqbal asks if this means he wouldn’t get an appointment till he repeats everything written in newspaper as such. Iqbal asks to confess this in front of some other men of his desire then.

Kaal comes to Raja saying his wife made him come to jail, in a way that he is happy here. Either he is too simple or his wife is really cunning. He doesn’t even regret betraying his own blood. Raja considers being his enemy as the best decision of his life, he clarifies he was his son. Kaal doesn’t leave, and reminds Raja he is Kaal. There is no jail that can keep Kaal in the jail, he would now cut his wife’s neck with the same axe. They wrestle, Kaal breaks Raja’s arm. Rani cries hearing the news, and goes to jail. Raja wipes her tears saying this is mere injury that would heal soon.
At home, Iqbal was fuming over Rani’s arrogance. He asks Saleem to call Rani be here in half an hour.
In the jail, Rani advices Raja to lessen his anger. She calls him as angry and arrogant as his father, Raja holds a hand over her. Rani countdown from ten, he smiles watching her face and lowers his hand. Rani tells him to begin this countdown next time he gets angry. She gets weepy as she needs him and can’t stay without him. Raja was about to kiss Rani’s forehead, when someone enters. It was Meenu, she tells Rani that Iqbal is waiting for her in office. Raja tells Rani to leave.

Iqbal was sitting in Rani’s office with a bunch of people. Rani asks him to be a bit loud, and confirms if they all can hear. Iqbal accepts he made her wait, she interrupts he came to apologize and has only 2 minutes. Iqbal argues if she really want to hear the word Sorry?, this word would take time to come over his tongue for the first time in life. Rani gives him two minutes. Iqbal says whatever happens wasn’t his mistake, but for this land’s NOC he would say Sorry. Rani smiles, and asks where he got these men. Iqbal says they are all family people, Rani accepts his apology and gives him an appointment for 10 am tomorrow. Outside the office, the men removes cotton balls from their ears and get their bribe from Iqbal. Rani catches him with this. Iqbal explains he had to apologize in front of people, it wasn’t necessary they heard it. Rani laughs that his appointment wouldn’t be rejected. Their argument was about egos, he had to fight himself to bend in front of her that is sufficient. She takes a leave to go somewhere important, he offers to drop her. Shabnam comes to greet him in the way. Rani asks if he know her, he denies. Rani says this is what she was thinking, he saves women’s respect and she tries to sell them. Iqbal takes a leave from Rani, and goes to bribe Shabnam again for staying silent.

Raja calls Rani from jail to bring food. She informs Raja that Iqbal has arrived and calls Meenu to bring his file. She reads the request to open a wine house, Iqbal thinks she must not have thought he would try to open girl’s school. Rani says she would never accept this request. Iqbal says girls have a right, and they must begin from somewhere. Rani counters that girls can get nowhere from wine houses and stamps the papers with NOT APPROVED. Iqbal leaves, but Meenu comes with the right file of Iqbal, he wants to open a school for girls. Rani was worried.

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