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Once There Was A King Sunday 2nd May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Sunday 2nd May 2022: Once There Was A King Sunday 2 May 2022, Raja comes to Rani’s home assuring he won’t let anything happen to her. Rani feels his peculiar behavior of guarding her. She asks what is he doing, Raja replies he is protecting his luggage. She asks him to go and take care of Dadu, she is going to study. Raja asks him to end her papers soon, so that she return home. Raja takes a seat thoughtfully, and smiles looking towards busy Rani. Rani notices his stare at her, he poses to sleep when she looks around. The night passes this way. All of a sudden, Rani recalls returning her mangal sooter to Raja, Raja held it in his hand. She wipes her tears, Raja kiss the necklace. He turns around to see Rani fallen asleep over the study desk.

The next morning, Rani wakes up still on the table, she looks around for Raja and wonders where Dadu has gone. Raaj Mata comes to her saying Raja wasn’t here, Rani was worried that Raja stayed here last night. Rani was worried, as Raja never wakes up so early. She tells her about all the recent happenings, Raaj Mata was left taken aback recalling the incident of Kaal. Rani hurries inside to look for Raja, Raaj Mata can see a shadow of Gayatri in Rani. Some similar old scenes flashes in her mind, Rana ji and Gayatri behaving exactly what Raja and Rani were doing right now. Raja gifts her a bangle. Rani had tears in her eyes, she was still annoyed saying she doesn’t need gift.

Raja replies this is a right. It was exactly the conversation between Rana ji and Gayatri. Rani confirms which rights, Raja says the get angry at him, and make him up when he is angry, to wipe his tears; she is his but he wonder when he would be hers. He needs some time. Rani and Gayatri allowed their husbands to take time, they were ready to wait. Raaj Mata says no to this, she forbids her to trust time as time never belongs to anyone. It slips from the fist like sand. She can’t let history repeat itself, what happened to her parents won’t happen to Raja and Rani. Rani takes Dadu inside. Raja thinks he won’t let Rani suffer in hands of Bari Rani Maa and Kaal, he must tell her the truth.
In the college, Rani was worried and tells Raja that Raaj Mata always wish to be a princess. She joked about being Rani of Amirkot, had their country not gained independence. Raja silently hugs her, Rani asks what happened? Raja promises to tell her the complete truth after exam.

Rani thinks they would get together, then. Rani was sure no secret can be greater than their love. Bindu and Jeewan had been spying on the couple from behind the bushes.
After the exam, Rani and Raja come to the temple. Rani was happy about being in temple. Raja says he came here for himself, he needs courage and strength from their Goddess today. Rani was happy standing beside Raja. Raja turns towards Rani, she rests her head over his shoulder and says she is aware how much he loves her, she wants to go home. Raja says he has to tell her something, Rani wasn’t ready to hear anything but Raja holds her arm from behind as she must hear this truth. It’s about her, about his and her family, the reason he always ran away from her. Rani was curious why he wanted to take himself away her.

Raja says the truth that Lakhan wasn’t her real father that her mother didn’t die giving birth to her, the truth that her mother’s name is Rani Gayatri and her father is Rana Indravadhan Singh Dev and the truth that his father Kaal killed them. Rani drops the aarti thaal. Raja says the truth, that her husband is the son of her parent’s murderers. Rani begin to laugh hysterically, and wasn’t able to trust the joke. If he has narrating her a story, like Dadu who calls her Raaj Mata. She leaves the temple, Raja brings a photo of Rana ji and Gayatri from front of her. She stops all at once, tears fell off her eyes. He questions if they aren’t her parents, why her eyes are always filled with tears watching their photo. She has a blood relation with them, she has always been attracted to their photos.

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