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Once There Was A King Sunday 29th July 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 29th July 2022: Once There Was A King 29 July 2022, Mummy, Rani and Rekha run out of the palace. Naina turns to look around, thinking she is leaving with tears in her eyes. She was stopped as her dupatta was stuck in Raja’s photo frame. She holds it crying as she speaks she is leaving. The doors of palace were shut for her, Mummy and Rekha run backwards as Rani thinks its Raja’s goons who have attempted to stop her from leaving the palace. Mummy and Rekha say the door is unlocked from outside, Naina says if it’s open from both inside and outside why it doesn’t open. Rani stands behind Naina and says she can’t leave. Naina rubs her eyes, and slaps her face; then shivering out of pain she stammers and requests her to let her go, she would never return.
In the room, Nani scolds Laila asking if she is more dangerous or crazy. She thinks she would be able to get a place in Raja’s heart by throwing Naina out of here.

Rani asks Naina not to leave. Naina tries to touch her but her hand passes off Rani’s body. She faints there. The door opens, Mummy and Rekha cry beside Naina. Laila and Nani also come out, Mummy requests them to carry Naina inside. Nani sends the servants inside, and take Laila inside not ready to help. Rekha brings water for Naina. Vikrant runs towards them, and helps Rekha to carry Naina inside the room. Rekha thanks Vikrant but he silently leaves without replying.
Raja sat at roadside, crying. Rani walks towards him. Raja throws a stone towards her, without having noticed her. Rani says he must hurt her even more and pour most of his anger over her, but not hurt himself. She walks to him and calls his name. Raja sits there without noticing. Rani calls his name, then cries as she wasn’t able to touch him. She speaks to Raja she has been calling him for years, but he remained stone hearted. Her soul has been connected in the jail of his closed heart, but he looked towards her in years just when he searched for Naina. Only Naina can love him as much as he can, that’s the reason only she can see her. Raja turns to leave the bench, then screams I Hate You! He drives away, while Rani was left there, upset.

At midnight, Naina wakes up screaming out of fear. Vikrant brings juice for Naina. They all ask Naina why she fainted. Naina recalls her confrontation with Rani, then says she didn’t realize if it was weakness. Later, Naina walks to the hall alone, conscious of her surroundings. She calls Rani, then slaps herself saying she must get away before she gets crazy here. The door of the palace opens, Naina watches Rani enters. Naina cries and asks her not to hit her, she promises to go away from her husband as she needs to fulfil her mother’s dream. Rani says it may be her hard luck that she can’t let Naina leave. Naina can see and hear her, she has come to take her help. Only Naina can tell Raja that Rani was never disloyal to him. Raja has turned his face away, the pain of her disloyalty doesn’t let him live; would Naina help her for the sake of love. Naina was stunned, Rani says she would not get freed from here until Raja trusts her loyalty. Rani was ready to do anything if Raja gets peace by any of her action. Rani asks her to come along, Naina thinks what if something gets wrong? Rani reads her mind and says nothing would go wrong. Naina asks where they are going, Rani replies Ambay Maa’s temple. She is taking here there to meet Raaj Mata. Naina asks why their names are like Raja, Rani and Raaj Mata. Rani says she is the only proof of her loyalty, Raja had been looking for her at the wrong place all along, but only Raaj Mata can make Raja believe.
On the way, Naina hears Vijay’s call and was afraid. Vijay walks towards Naina and asks why is so shocked to see her. He loved her and would cross every barrier to reach her. He moves his step towards Naina but was prevented from moving on. Naina looks towards Rani’s stare at Vijay who was unable to move forward. Raja had just driven there, he turns his car towards them.

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