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Once There Was A King Monday 25th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Monday 25th April 2022: Once There Was A King Monday 25 April 2022, Amrita says she will speak to the family about Raja and Rani, and takes a leave from Raaj Mata. Meenu asks for permission to let Raja and Rani stay for some more time, its celebration of her friend’s marriage. Raja and Rani spend time with each other, while Raja sings for her. He hugs her promising no further pains. His friends throw petals over them and come for celebration, Bindu cries on a side. Raja and Rani were sitting on the roof at night, when Raja holds her hand saying I love you. Someone stood behind them with a knife.
Kaal was unable to believe Amrita, Amrita says Raja and Rani love each other from childhood and the truth is Rani is the daughter of Gayatri and Rana ji. Kaal was ready to finish the remaining end of the story now. He was ready to write that story now with the blood of Raaj Mata and Rani. Amrita realizes she had been day dreaming and leaving without talking to Kaal.

Raja says there is one more thing he wants to say to her, he makes a cut over his hand and swears on his blood not to leave her side till death. Rani makes a cut over hers, saying in her veins not blood but love runs, she swears on it not to leave his side. They match each other’s fist, mixing the blood. Rani says like this blood, they have also become one. This relations will last for ages.
In the palace, Amrita shows the box of jewelry at Raja and requests him to go away with Rani and Raaj Mata. Raja argues he has loved only, he isn’t a criminal to run away. Rani has always lived alone, she never got a family but she now will. He asks Amrita to give her the love of a mother, Amrita was puzzled how to explain the matter to him. Raja asks her to let Kaal and Bari Rani Maa meet Raaj Mata once, they will realize Rani has been brought up like a queen. Amrita promises to speak to them in the morning.
The next morning, Kaal notices Amrita to be puzzled and asks what the matter is. Amrita tells him that Raja has decided to get married. Bari Rani Maa was shocked, and question whom? Amrita says Rani. Kaal asks in shock, what?

Raaj Mata enters the palace with Rani and Raja. Raja warns her that his father isn’t like her, he has a narrow heart. Raaj Mata asks if he is making her fearful of a monster in the stories. Raja says when someone meets his father, he forgets the monster in stories. Kaal twists Amrita’s arm, Amrita tells Kaal that Raja and Rani love each other since childhood. Yesterday, when Jeewan was trying to marry Rani Raja stopped the wedding. Raja tells Raaj Mata about his grandmother, Bari Rani Maa. If she agrees to something, the decision is unturned. Bari Rani Maa announces that this proposal is impossible, in the royals not girls but their families are seen while marriages. In case of Jeewan she agreed only because he is illegitimate, but Raja is the heir of throne. A maid can never be his bride.
Raaj Mata opens the doors of palace, tears fills her eyes as she get flashes from her past. She recognizes the place, saying she has been here before as well. She steps inside the palace.
Amrita says that Rani is not a maid. She has been brought up in poverty, but is a royal. Kaal asks for the truth,
There, Raaj Mata walks across the corridors of palace. Raja says it seems this palace is Raaj Mata’s house, she appears to be a Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata recognizes this name and says it seems someone called her by this name before as well. She was seated in Raja’s room on easy chair, Kokilla comes from behind and questions who is she. Raaj Mata stands up to face her. Kokilla was shocked.

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