Once There Was A King Sunday 23rd May 2022 Zee World updates

On Once There Was A King Sunday 23rd May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Sunday 23 May 2022 Zee World updates, Iqbal gets Rani’s call who calls him to palace. She opens the door to Iqbal, he says he didn’t know she would understand him so soon. Raja stood with hand cups, saying she is Rani. Rani says when he came to her office, she has already called the inspector to arrest Raja but Raja surrendered already. Only Iqbal didn’t let her clarify this. Rani had demanded Raja to hand himself to police, and cried badly when he agreed. Raja asked her to bring food for him in jail. Rani calls Raja as his strength. Raja tells Iqbal to look by himself, and remember his love is Rani’s strength. Iqbal says he has seen iron rust from a single corner. Rani says he will now get an appointment, when he apologize her for disrespecting her and other women. She hands him the file that he holds. Iqbal says now he must break her stubbornness, that won’t let her bend. This game would be interesting now.

The next morning, Raja sings in the jail with other prisoners. Rani comes there with breakfast for him.
At home, Iqbal was thinking about Rani’s demands for apologizing her. Saleem comes in and asks Iqbal to come and see what she has done now.Rani was serving Raja, he says he is in jail and not on picnic. There is a difference in the lavish dinner, or mere food. A nearby prisoner was angry at his wife for bringing dried bread and daal.
Iqbal replies the lawyers in front of his mother that this land belongs to his father who wanted to construct a school. The lawyers leave angry. Iqbal clarifies to his mother, that this land is a filled with memories of his father. If she doesn’t let him fulfil that one promise, he won’t remember the other ones. Iqbal’s mother comes to give him time of one week, else she would get this land sold. Iqbal remembers Rani’s conditioning.
Rani was packing the breakfast, as Raja didn’t want to eat such lavish food. Raja gets offensive, then apologizes. Raja forbids Rani to think and discuss about Iqbal, Rani assures she only belongs to Raja. They keep hands over each other’s lips, before Rani leaves.

Iqbal comes to see a Sorry card written on his table. He throw it in the dustbin where a puppet bulges. Afreen comes to apologize Iqbal. She reminds him of her childhood, she has soaked her father’s precious papers in water; and then he had saved her from their father. Then, why he gets angry with her after his dead. Iqbal says earlier, he was only a brother but now he has father’s responsibility as well. Her mistake was huge, he won’t forgive her. Afreen says she won’t eat or drink, until she is forgiven. Iqbal gets a call, and tells Afreen to ask Saleem get the car. He takes money into his wallet, Ammi questions where is he taking money. Iqbal was angry she only concerns for money and not him.

Rani asks her driver to get fast, she doesn’t want to be late. A driver stops the car, saying some women are fighting as daily. The driver stops her for going to such women, Rani insists women are only women and they need her help right now. The lady was fighting with a man over price of a call girl. Rani slaps the man, Shabnam asks why she slapped him. Rani slaps Shabnam as well. Rani says this market works only because of Shabnam, men have given this market to women who are the biggest enemy of women. Shabnam says this market has never closed, Rani was determined to get it shut one day. Shabnam asks her to go and get a case against them.

Shabnam tells his man to go and inform the girl they won’t hear a no again. Rani clarifies to the man that a no means no, no matter from a call girl or a pr*stitute. Rani had just left when Iqbal comes to slap the money bad in Shabnam’s door. Shabnam was upset that this crazy man has now arrived, she says if Iqbal has to save that girl he must pay 2000 thousand. Iqbal tells her to take care of Nusrat. Shabnam wonders what’s in Nusrat that he is crazy about her, Iqbal says he has also bought her silence and leave.
At night, Iqbal watches Afreen sleeping on the dinner table. She stands up at once when he places a hand over her head. She apologizes for sleeping this way, he asks for a promise not to repeat such mistake. She promises. He asks if she had dinner? She denies. He tells her not to stay hungry again, he has no mood to eat. The phone bell rings, a man informs his work will be done tomorrow. Iqbal replies with an OK.

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