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Once There Was A King Sunday 23rd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 23rd June 2022: Once There Was A King 23 June 2022, Raja claps for Rani and Iqbal, congratulate and warn Iqbal about getting a bad eye. Iqbal holds Rani’s hand that was burnt. He was concerned, and remembers about burning her hand with the candle flame. Rani says she was cooking his favorite biryani when she burnt it, she is sorry as she won’t be able to wear the ring. Iqbal puts the ring in the other hand. Suddenly the ring slips from Iqbal’s hands, rolling to Raja’s feet. Rani walks towards Raja, takes her ring after an eye lock with him.

He says may be the ring also dislikes the engagement, Iqbal catches his words asking who else dislike their engagement. Raja explains everyone would be jealous of Iqbal for getting such pretty girl. Iqbal smiles, then takes Rani to the stage. Raja remembers their marriage. Raja thinks neither she can recognize his face, nor could he recognize her true face. Iqbal puts the ring on. Raja had clutched the candle stand, melted paraffin burnt his hand but he stood indifferent. A guard comes to inform Raja about a call for him, Iqbal asks if its at Rani’s place. Raja explains it was some urgent work, he had given palace’s number. Rani whispers to Raaj Mata that this man is a bit strange, they should keep an eye over him as he isn’t what he appears to be.

Bindu tells Raja that someone had raided Iqbal’s home. She has sent her men to inquire who it is. Rani comes behind Raja, who was determined to destroy Iqbal with the help of that other enemy. Raja notices Rani leaving the corridor, and follows if she had been spying on him. He taunts that these days people betray their own love, unlike her. Rani turns to leave. Raja asks if Iqbal is her first love. Iqbal watches them and asks if Rani is fine. Raja accepts his mistake for a wrong question, he won’t ask any other girl again if she loves herself or her past. Rani replies that her past was a childhood, a mistake. She holds Iqbal’s hand. Iqbal considers himself the richest person of the world after this.

Raja informs Iqbal that the raid at his house was reported by someone, by tomorrow morning he would disclose the name as well. Rani was worried that her hardwork would be ruined otherwise. She gets to the office, and watches the information being transferred to Bindu. She follows Bindu ready to take the bag off Bindu’s hand in anyway. A rally passes by and she loses Bindu’s track, praying for help. Raja had been praying the blessings for destroying him, the cloth gets off his face. Bindu comes to cover him up, Raja says there doesn’t have to be fake faces in front of Gods. Rani came running towards the rally, while Bindu hands the information letter to Raja. Iqbal was ready to get the letter to Nawab. Rani runs towards the rally, while Raja leaves from the other side. Rani’s dupatta fly over his face. It then flow from over him to Rani, covering her all over. He turns around while Rani keeps on chasing him.

Rani cries in front of Raaj Mata that she had seen him, it was Raja. Raaj Mata tells Rani that Raja couldn’t stay away from her, he would have come to her by himself. A servant comes to inform them about a guest. It was Bindu who greets them. She tells them that she has changed and understands her mistakes. She requests Rani for a new beginning, and has come to greet her about her engagement. It seems good that she got love in her live again. Raaj Mata asks about its meaning, Bindu says there is someone in her life and calls him inside. It was Angat Singh (Raja).

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