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Once There Was A King Sunday 1st July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 1st July 2022: Once There Was A King Sunday 1 July 2022, Rani was shocked to see Raja. Iqbal welcomes him, as he liked Raja coming in as a man. He hugs Raja, and assures he won’t send him to jail. Raja says time will tell who goes to jail. Iqbal shouts at Rani to say whatever she wanted to say. Raja assures Rani not to be afraid of anyone, they will face this man together. Iqbal wonders why Rani would be afraid of him, he then asks Rani whom she wants to live. He forces Rani to speak on gun point. Rani says she doesn’t want to rethink, Iqbal is her past and future. She only loves Nawab Iqbal Khan.

Raja was saddened, and asks her not to be afraid. Rani clarifies she is happy to love Iqbal, and holds his hand. She recalls when Iqbal was sitting on the couch, Iqbal offered her a way that she would run towards Raja and later on she and Raja would stay happy with Raaj Mata and Ambika. This is going to be her dream only, he will kill them all. He gave her another way, to break Raja’s heart so badly he spends a whole of his life to gather the pieces. In front of Raja, she must be his; this would save their lives and he will get Raja out of Agarwal’s life. Raja will be alive, but she would suffocate to death. This would be her permission to betray him in love.

Rani steps downstairs. Bindu had reached the palace by then. She shows Raja the divorce papers he has signed already, and now signs them. With tears in her eyes, she asks him to leave this place now. She thinks looking into his eyes, it’s the biggest punishment for her to see him leave. Raja replies he won’t leave so easily, he wants to see her as Nawab Iqbal Khan’s bride. Iqbal welcomes Raja there, as he can no more wait. He comes to hug Rani, as she would be his after a single day. Raja leaves.
In the room, Raja kicks the vase and couch away. Bindu follows him and tries to calm him down. She asks what this new drama is, why he wants to destroy his life. Raja says he has to see a lot right now, he won’t leave without watching and understanding that all.

At night, Iqbal comes into Rani’s room and bolts it from inside. She was intrigued. He holds her. Rani says she can’t sleep with him before wedding. Iqbal assures he won’t take his right before wedding, he only wants her to sleep in his lap. He won’t touch her at all, and lay down. Rani was forced to lay. Iqbal gets closer to her and tries to push her with his elbow. Rani removes her elbow and after he had fallen asleep, she points a knife over him. He holds her hand behind, saying this was the fury he wanted to see. He pushes Rani off the bed and steps up the knife. He says she will shed blood for sure, but not his but Raja’s. Rani slaps Iqbal, wondering how he dare even thought about it. Iqbal smiles at such disrespect and courage; but her courage is weaker than his stubbornness. He hands a gun to Rani to shoot Raja. Rani says she would give away her life, but won’t let any harm to Raja.

Raja was passing by the corridor, and stops at Rani;s room. He had just turned away when Iqbal drags Rani outside. He brings her to a room where Ambika had been tied to a chair. Iqbal wants her to prove to be a wife who is ready to do anything for elders; won’t she still shoot Raja.
Raja comes to the room and was leaving with a gun. Bindu tries to stop him saying Rani doesn’t love him. Raja points the same gun to her, and warns her to come into his way; his love combined with hatred has turned to craziness.

Iqbal gives Rani a time till 10 am after which if she doesn’t shoot Raja his goons would kill Raaj Mata. He gives her an hour to think if she wants Raja as dead and Raaj Mata and Ambika alive; or the three dead. Rani takes the gun and pulls the trigger at Iqbal saying she would kill him. Iqbal says he isn’t a fool to have handed her a loaded gun, he loves her but doesn’t trust her. Rani agrees to do what he wants her to.

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