Once There Was A King Sunday 17th April 2022

On Once There Was A King Sunday 17th April 2022: Once There Was A King Sunday 17 April 2022, Jeewan teases Rani during the class writing notes for her, she laughs reading it, then accept his apology. Raja had torn the paper with nib in rage, and leaves the class as soon as the bell rings
Everyone was sitting outdoor, Raja sat uninterested with his friends. Jeewan and Rani come there, Jeewan tells Rani he will always be there with her in any decision she takes in her life. Bindu calls Raja really changed, he isn’t ragging any fresher. Raja looks towards Rani, then stands up charged completely. He calls a first year nearby and introduces himself as Sir, he then orders the young man to sit in cock position. Rani and Jeewan dislike, Raja calls another boy, and asks him find the prettiest girl in the college and propose her. He hands her a red rose as well, Rani sat upset while Raja comes towards Bindu.

The boy kneels down in front of Rani, and reads a poetry for her. Raja turns towards him curtly and beats him hard. Rani comes to stop it, but the teacher arrives by then. She scolds Raja for showing his old colors again and proved he can never change. Rani qualifies it’s not Raja’s mistake, he proposed her. Raja accepts he told the boy for this proposal, the teacher goes to complain against him in front of Vice Principal. Raja suggests her a few punishments as well, the teacher sends Raja to detention for the time being. He will now have to spend all his time with his books. Raja turns to leave, Rani says Raja isn’t as bad as everyone consider him, he needs the right guidance. The teacher warns Rani to be sent to detention as well, and announces the punishment. Rani turns to see Raja and ask what happened, if he is afraid to spend time with her. She leaves smiling, Raja follows her.
Downstairs, Bindu was curt over Rani. The girls were worried if their fresher’s party is cancelled, Bindu calls it impossible. She will look after party arrangements by herself.

Rani was sitting with books in library, Raja sketched a girl and laugh aloud. Rani turns to him, then head down to her work. Raja writes a note, tears the paper off the book and makes a flying aero plane of it, throwing it towards Rani. He laugh as Rani was hit by it. She reads it saying, if she thought it would be a love letter. She leaves towards the book rack, Raja teases her by taking the book she kept a hand over. Rani asks if he has no problem staying close to her, why is he going away. She snatches the book and asks why he beat the boy then, he must at least not fight his emotions. Raja calls it her misunderstanding, she doesn’t matter to him at all. Rani asks really, he says no. she confirms, he nods. Rani spots a lock and key nearby and locks the library from inside. He comes inquiring what she has been doing. Rani says this is to prove he is effected by her presence, his heart doesn’t listen to his mind watching her. She swirls the key running around playfully, Raja chases her. Suddenly the key fell outside the library from the window. Raja was worried, Rani laughs hysterically while Raja was worried as no one will wander even closer to library on the first day of college. Rani laughs over the key felling over, Raja stood worried, and then he too starts laughing. All of a sudden, the lights go off. There was silence, they walk away from each other. Raja turns first, Rani follows; then get to their tables.

In the corridor, Bindu’s friends wonder when electricity will be back. Bindu insists that the party will take place at any cost. Jeewan comes to her saying Raja will never love her, Bindu says she didn’t love Raja since childhood to accept defeat from a down market Rani. She is determined to get him back at any cost.
There, Rani lights a candle and read under it. Raja walks towards the window, Rani turns around to look for him wondering he went. Raja brings a radio and tries to set its frequency murmuring she threw the keys deliberately locking him inside. All of a sudden, the radio begin to play a beautiful accident of life as song, ‘Bahir se koi andar na aa sakay’ plays. Both were moved, Rani holds her head in frustration. Suddenly, candle was going to blow off. Raja and Rani save it together.

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