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Once There Was A King Sunday 15th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 15th July 2022: Once There Was A King 15 July 2022, Raja decides that they will now stay here. Naina says she doesn’t want to be burden over him. Raja reminds, her mother just said he is their protective. Naina argues, but Raja shuts her up and orders to go inside. He calls his man and send the three inside. Naina runs back towards Raja and thanks him, truly she was really fearful to go back home as her mother is ill and Rekha is a minor. She promise she would abide by him; she will return his favor even by sacrificing her life. Raja demands her not to come in front of him, he doesn’t even want to look at her face. Naina was confused.

In the room, the ladies wonder if this is a room or a house. Rekha cheerfully announces she would take window’s side. Mummy announces its her side. Lotus says Raja told him to give three separate rooms to them. Naina says in their Chawl, a whole Barat can stay in such three rooms. The girls cheer, mummy says Raja is really a nice man with a big heart. Naina wonders why his heart is so closed for her, and watches her face in the mirror.
Laila asks Nani to question Raja why he kept that girl at home. Nani says if she wants to marry him, this house belongs as much to him as hers; he doesn’t need any permissions from her. Nani questions Raja if he has some relation with that girl. Raja says there is neither any relation, nor would there be. They asked for protection, he provided it. Nani suggests Laila must not have any problem with this. Laila warns there shouldn’t be anything further this.

At night, Raja was drinking while he walked across the corridors of palace. Rani wakes up at mid of night. She comes for washroom, and notices candle lit batch and wonders if people here are crazy. She runs across the corridor, when she hits Raja. She turns around and apologizes for the mistake, she backs up and was about to slip. Raja questions what she is doing outside at this time. Naina says she is looking for that… Sundash! Raja doesn’t understand.

Naina says everyone knows about it; where everyone goes alone. Raja asks if jail… Naina says no. Raja suggests if grave? Naina points her little finger, Raja curtly asks why she didn’t ask to go for bathroom. He points towards it, Naina says that isn’t any bathroom but a pretty room with candles lit. Raja interrupts that is the washroom. Naina turns around and slips, Raja holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock.
The next morning, Nani looks after the breakfast being served. Laila comes to her and asks if Nani is taking care of kitchen as soon as she arrived. She has been warning her about that girl. Nani puts the bite of pudding in her mouth. She tells Laila her and Raja’s relation isn’t set yet; she must take a few responsibilities over herself. Until she is his necessity, he won’t give her any position in his life.

Naina cooks in a side of her room. Mummy smelled the aroma and requests to taste a bite of gajar ka halwa. The girls forbid Mummy, as it’s not good for her health. Rekha urges them to go to kitchen of palace, they have cooked a lot of meals like in bakery; pudding, porridge, pastry. She asks Naina to try and get food from kitchen as well. Naina says they are here only for a few days, and can’t take any more favors from Raja.
Laila forces to comb Vikrant’s hair but he runs away from her. Raja watches this from the door, Laila holds a hand over Vikrant out of anger but Raja holds her hand there, and warns her to do it with love. She must understand Vikrant would take some time for all this. The relation between tow never changes with some third person’s will.

He then urges Vikrant to come and become handsome, as they have to go for dinner where Vikrant’s favorite dishes are waiting for him. Vikrant walks towards Raja who then combs his hair. Laila leaves the room. Vikrant walks with Raja towards the dining table, and asks about the fragrance of food. Vikrant notices it’s from the room and runs there. Naina had just poured the halwa into the bowl, she points towards Vikrant to come to her but he was reluctant. Naina runs towards him, and says this has a good color and taste, he might taste it as well. Vikrant was about to take a bite. Naina blows over it, Vikrant takes the bite and compliments it to be tasty. Vikrant says his mother also cooked the same. Laila comes shouting over Vikrant to come here, Naina was shocked to see here there.

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