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Once There Was A King Sunday 12th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 12th June 2022: Once There Was A King 12 June 2022, Raja looks outside the hiding, worried that none from Raaj Mata or Baba left. He finds a telephone and rings at palace. No one picked up the call, he wonders whom he should call. He thinks he should call Nawab Iqbal. Iqbal was shocked to hear from Raja, and asks where he is as he is worried for them. Raja says they are hidden in the forest, they need medicines for Rani’s treatment. A man had just begun to blow the trumpet behind, Iqbal couldn’t hear him well. Raaj Mata stood beside Raja and drops something in hand. Iqbal throws a vase and breaks the mirror.
At night, Raaj Mata stood beside Rani saying Amirkot has never been lucky for Rani. She requests Raja to take her away from here, she would be with him in any of his decision. Baba brings them an ointment, to put over her body if they find it cold. Raaj Mata says it’s dangerous for him to stay here until they don’t get a proof against Agarwal.

Iqbal comes to the inspector saying Raja called him, he could hear the train behind. Raja told him he is near a temple. The inspector recognizes the place that is four to five hours distant from here. The next morning, Raja removes his hand from Rani’s but she again holds it. He tells Rani that his hands now ache, while serving her. Rani leaves it, complaining why he even saved her when he had to tease her. Raja assures he won’t save her again. She calls his love as shallow, Raja boasts she can’t find love like Raja’s anywhere. He swears he would also have lost his life if something happened to her. Raja says she would have been happy, and married someone else. Raja clutches the back of her hair, saying his love would turn to craze had she left him. He tries to get intimate, she backs up. Raja wonders why she wants to go away. Rani says she was missing her childhood friend. Raja was ready to spoil that friend. Rani cups his face, saying it was Raja. Raja was about to kiss Rani when the inspector comes in with pistols raised at him. He was warned to be killed if he tries to run again. Rani tries to speak to inspector that Raja is being trapped. The inspector says even Rani would face a case to help a criminal. Raja takes Rani behind him, boasting no one would touch his Rani. He throws a bed sheet over the two police men, and run away with Rani.

Raja runs with Rani through the forest. Rani thinks she shouldn’t run away. Raja drags her, as there is border on the other side of forest and they would get out of Amirkot once they cross it. They reach a cliff, Raja shares his fear that he might have forgotten the way. Rani tries to convince Raja that if they surrender they won’t be punished. Raja was worried that they would part them away, it’s about their life. Raja says he is afraid to get away from her. Rani forbids him do this, she needs a chance to prove herself innocent. Iqbal held a gun over them from behind a tree. He fires the bullet, Raja fell off the cliff. Rani holds his hand while he was losing consciousness. Rani asks him to hold her hand tight. Iqbal says he would kill Raja if she gets successful in dragging Raja upstairs. Raja’s other hand was hurt and couldn’t work. Rani cried, while trying to hold his hand tight. Their childhood memories move through their eyes. Rani leaves Raja’s hand as soon as the police and other reach them. Rani and Raaj Mata scream Raja’s name. Rani cries for him.

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