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Once There Was A King Sunday 10th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Sunday 10th April 2022: Once There Was A King Sunday 10 April 2022, Dhaani was confused. Jeewan wants to be her companion, he has always be a stranger in the palace. He wants to be with her now, and begin . Hea new life with her is asking her for a chance to keep her happy always, love can betray but friendship never does. Raaj Mata comes there announcing tea is ready. Jeewan asks Rani to think for once before replying, he thought a lot of times before putting this question. Raaj Mata brings the tea, but Jeewan takes a leave from her.

At night, Raja clutches Jeewan’s collar asking where the photos and their negatives are. Jeewan says if he doesn’t take care of his things, they will get lost. Raja asks again, Jeewan tells him they are where they should be, Rani has them. Jeewan says he never thought Raja would be so cheap, whoever he is but he never put any girls’s life and respect at stake nor he ever will. Raja wrestles with him, when Amrita comes to tell Raja she gave Jeewan those photos. She wanted to save her son from committing the sin. Raja says he only knows Rani is his. Jeewan replies time will tell, he must not forget Rani. Raja says Rani is his craze.
Rani was confused among Raja’s warning and Jeewan’s demand. She watches the envelope with tickets, then the watch tied in her arm and lay down.

Next morning, Raaj Mata comes to notice if Rani didn’t sleep all night. Rani wakes up to tell Raaj Mata pack her bags, and keep all important stuff with her. Raaj Mata asks where they are going, Rani replies they are going on a little vacation. In the palace, Raja waits for Rani who must have arrived by now. Rani comes to palace, pass from behind Raja to Jeewan. In the room, Jeewan was happy and tells Rani they will leave today. Rani tells Jeewan that only she and her Dadu will leave.
Raja comes to Raaj Mata who was packing. He asks if she is going somewhere. Raaj Mata inquires if Rani didn’t share with him she is taking her for a vacation. Raja curtly says Rani didn’t even tell him, and thought he won’t come to know. Raaj Mata stares at him, he makes up that Rani must have forgotten he is Raaj Mata’s friend too.
Rani tells Jeewan she has no words to thank him, he remained her friend when she needed a friend the most. But she can’t marry him, because she doesn’t love him and never will be able to. Jeewan cries, Rani hands the ticket to Jeewan saying he will always remain the most important friend for her. Tears fell off Jeewan’s face.

Rani comes home calling Raaj Mata, Raja stands behind her. She panics, clutch his collar asking where her Dadu is. Raja throws her towards a wall and pins her there, as Rani seems to be so afraid and helpless. She shouldn’t have committed such a mistake of running away from here. He clutch her face tight, he is really angry at her. She coughs badly as he loosen his grip and ask about her Dadu. Raja says she is responsible for the vacation he will now take her.
At night, Raja takes Rani to a straw hut and locks her inside. She steps back as he heads towards her. Raja tells her to run away as she is fond of running away from him. He clutch her face again, she pushes him behind and tries to find some place inside. Raja follows her there.
Raja comes outside Rani’s house, preparing his speech. He makes up that he thought about dropping her and Raaj Mata to station, then thinks if they can look for another way. Raaj Mata opens the door then, she informs Jeewan Rani has something important and went to city. Jeewan asks with whom Rani went. Raaj Mata goes inside, remembering her food is on the stove. Jeewan wonders where Rani has gone, if Raaj is behind this.

Rani was hiding behind a pile of straws, Raja calls her to come out. He comes behind and clutches her hair tight. He says when game is extended for longer he gets irritated. Until she agrees to become his slave, she will have to stay here. Rani confronts him saying no matter what he does, he can never beat her. She push Raja away, and herself fell on the floor after hitting her head over a rod. Raja straightens her, removing her hair strands. He touches over her injury, she moves in ache.
Raja was drinking when Rani wakes up. He wish her morning. He touch his face saying he wasn’t aware she is a wild cat and loves wild cats. Rani wonders why he has brought her here. Raja keeps the bottle aside, saying his heart wants a lot. He doesn’t understand what to listen to and what not. He clutch her arm tight, remembering her betrayal that she did by faking her friendship. Rani denies betraying him. Raja laughs she had friendship on her face, and money in heart. Rani argues she was just a child then. Raja says he will punish her for childhood mistake in youth.

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