Once There Was A King Saturday 9th April 2022

On Once There Was A King Saturday 9th April 2022: Once There Was A King Saturday 9 April 2022, Amrita offers Rani with Prasad that she denies, Amrita comes to Raja and watch the torn photos on the floor. Raja regret, Amrita cries over her use by her son.
Raja laughed with Raaj Mata whereas a police inspector was also there. Rani comes out and was shocked to see them. Raaj Mata informs Rani that Raja came to meet her with his friend. Raja appreciates Raaj Mata’s made samosa and chutni. Raaj Mata goes to get some more, the inspector leaves Rani alone with Raja. Rani tells him to get up. Raja calls her as a renter whose rent he pays. He asks Rani why she didn’t tell her Dadu she left the job; he assures to take care of her after Rani has gone to jail. Raaj Mata comes to make Rani sit, he wonders till when she will have this food in fate. He explains to Raaj Mata that girls have to be married, he wish Rani will soon go to a place where all the doors are guarded. He asks Rani to tell Raaj Mata why the inspector came here.

Raja explains to Raaj Mata that he brought the inspector for their security. Raja sends Raaj Mata for ginger tea, Rani asks Raja what he wants from her Dadu. Raja comes closer to her clutching her face. He says when Dadu will be hurt, Rani will feel the pain. If she wants to save her Dadu she must return to job in next 12 hours, and fell on floor to apologize him. Only then he won’t let anything happen to her Dadu, otherwise he wonders if her Dadu will be able to bear this catastrophe. She might save either herself or her Dadu.
At night, Rani sat on the window upset. Raaj Mata comes to her, she inquires about Rani’s sadness. She offers Rani to put in some oil in her hair, Rani was irritated. Raaj Mata understands it was Raja’s anger that she poured over her. She suggests Rani to apologize Raja, what happened between them. Rani denies anything. Raaj Mata asks if she loves Raja, Rani thinks about her reply to Jeewan. Raaj Mata asks Rani to tell her truly, Rani cries saying a lot. Raaj Mata was happy, while Rani cries hugging Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata suggests her to make him up, one must not be angry with lover for long and goes to get something to eat. Rani thinks that she loves Raja, but he hates her. Her mind tells her to hate him after what he did but she can’t help her heart. She think about Raja and opens her diary. Inside, she finds the dried rose Raja gifted her. Her vision goes to the watch that Raja had tied on her wrist. She daydreams about Raja coming to wave her from window, she takes the dress Raja gifted her from the cupboard and cry hugging it. Raja’s curt words echo in her mind, Raja calling it all a betrayal.

In the room, Kaal holds Amrita’s hand with a knife in her hand. He wonders if she has gone mad. Amrita says she had a single reason to live till today, but he has died today. It’s useless for her to live anymore. She assures Kaal his Rajveer is alive, but her Raja died. She never thought Raja will use her, and then to defame Rani he got fake photos with Rani. Jeewan heard this from outside, and was relieved that his Rani isn’t wrong. Kaal warns Amrita to come between his dreams that Raja is fulfilling.
Raaj Mata comes to Rani that someone came to meet her. Rani cheers up, but was shocked to see Jeewan. Jeewan judge if Rani was waiting for someone else. Raaj Mata goes to get tea for Jeewan. Jeewan says if he asks Rani how she is, she will say she is fine so he comes direct to point. He hands Rani an envelope with the negatives of her photos with Raja. Tears fell off Rani’s eyes. Jeewan says that now Raja can’t do any harm to Rani. He is his brother, but now he has broken his step relation with him as well. Rani takes a seat upset, saying she can’t trust any guy after what Raja has done to her. Jeewan says this is the problem with girls, if one betrays they consider everyone to be the same. Jeewan says that Raja hasn’t won yet; her happiness and success is her victory and it would be Raja’s defeat. He hands Rani another envelope, it’s her freedom token. He says he know she can only get free from Raja’s hatred if she moves away from him. This envelope contains three tickets for Bombay, he, Rani and Dadu can begin a new life in Bombay. He kneels down in front of her and proposes Rani for marriage.

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