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Once There Was A King Saturday 8th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Saturday 8th May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Saturday 8 May 2022 Zee World updates, Raja comes to Kaal and was sure Rani’s contest in election would give him heart attack.
Jeewan comes to Rani and shows willingness to be with her in elections. She has made enough of enemies, shouldn’t leave her friends behind. Bari Rani Maa comes to Kaal, and tells him that Amrita’s weakness is Raja and Raja’s weakness is Rani. Bari Rani Maa assures to bring her to him.
In the jail, Amrita asks why she has brought her here, she doesn’t want to meet Kaal. Bari Rani maa says Kaal wants to get Raja and Rani killed, she brought her here to get them another chance. In the jail, Amrita requests Kaal to leave Raja. Kaal says she would contest the elections and will cut Rani’s feather. Amrita denies, as Rani is her daughter. Kaal smiles she is the first mother to sacrifice her son for her daughter in law. He may kill Raja and Rani both. Bari Rani Maa forwards the papers to Amrita, Amrita reads the papers and finally put her thumb stamp over them. Bari Rani Maa laughs that now these mother – daughter in law would be against each other. Kaal laughs hysterically.

The next morning, Rani speaks to her parent’s photo that she is sure her parents would be there with her, at each and every turn of her life. Raaj Mata brings breakfast to Jeewan, Rani hurries to leave. Rani and Jeewan leave. Raaj Mata thinks even if unknowingly, Rani hasn’t eaten anything. She wants a signal from God that love can still return in her daughter’s life.
In the morning, Raja distributes gifts among poor’s for Rani’s victory. Bindu comes to throw a letter off his hand, but Raja kisses her. Bindu insists she was his past. Raja says what happened that night was a mistake, it’s forgotten and not repeated. Bindu was upset. Raja says he was, is and will always be Rani’s Raja. Before Bindu can speak, he stuffs his mouth with sweet and leave.

Inside, Bari Rani Maa pays a huge amount to the workers to get her daughter in law win the elections. Raja comes to ask what she up to be now. Bari Rani Maa shows him a banner with Amrita’s photo, saying she is on her own daughter in law’s side. She thinks what would Raja do now, be a good son or a husband? Rani also watches the banner of Amrita’s photo, Meenu tells her not to worry. Amrita couldn’t even stand against her husband, how she would contest… Rani interrupts forbidding her to disgrace Amrita again.
There, Amrita prays that she doesn’t want to keep Karwa chaut for a husband like Kaal, but she would fulfil the ritual. Raja had come behind him, questioning if she is on Kaal’s side? Amrita says she is in a good position and would be on the side of truth, from where she is. Neither her son, nor Rani has a right to question her about any reasons. Raja thinks now he can be on Rani’s side, no matter if he is far away from her.

Rani walks on the roads nervous about her speech. There were posters of her name everywhere. Jeewan signals Meenu and Sashi to cheer Rani. They come to cheer Rani up, as she was a good debater in college. A lady brings milk for Rani, she was about to drink it but finds a note in her hand that reads ‘love always give strength, sometimes as courage and at others as hope’. She looks around but Raja vanishes.
Amrita was nervous, but Bari Rani Maa points a knife at Raja’s photo and she wipes her tears at once. Raja watches Rani walking down the streets with Jeewan. They come to see Kaal’s men bribing people for vote. Jeewan was curt that they can’t do anything. Rani comes to hold a bag of an old lady to carry it to her home. Raja and Juman come to a neighbourhood, and discuss aloud that Rani has proven today that she is the daughter of Rani Gayatri and Rana ji. A lady spots Rani arriving, Raja goes to a hiding while Juman ji jumps in to assure the lady Rani is the real daughter of Rani Gayatri. People gather around Rani to shout slogans in favor of Gayatri. Rani feels happy, Raja relieved.

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