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Once There Was A King Saturday 28th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 28th July 2022: Once There Was A King 28 July 2022, Raja holds Laila’s hand from slapping Naina. Laila says until now she only suspected Naina but today she is sure. Laila accuses Naina for betraying her. Raja shuts Laila up, Laila deters this is her house and no one can shout at her especially at the day of her wedding. She takes Raja’s hand to drag him to stage but Raja withdraws his. Laila says she has now understood, it’s all because of Naina. Nani accuses Mummy that her daughter snatched Laila’s happiness from him. Raja clarifies this wedding won’t take place anymore. Naina says Raja won’t do this with Laila. Raja tells her not to interrupt. Nani tells Raja this fire can’t be put off until the wedding is complete. Raja goes to throw water into the fire pot and leave the hall. Laila tells Naina this fire has been put off, now Laila would light a fire in Naina’s life than would never get off. Nani says it’s their mistake to provide them refuge in their house, she won’t forgive them for spoiling Laila’s happiness. Laila drags Vikrant along with him, and says she can’t throw them out of this house because of Raja but they should never try to speak to her again.

Naina comes to question Raja why he stopped this wedding. Raja says she has no right to question him. Naina says she has a right, she shows him Rani’s photo saying this gave her the right. Her presence makes a difference for him, else he would not have stopped this wedding. Everyone thinks he broke his wedding because of her, and that’s true. She came into the house after his wife had already died, he began to love him; such stories only exist in films. Laila claps outside the door, and comes to blame Naina. Naina clarifies she never wanted to love Raja. Laila says Naina could do anything for money, then Raja for taking her money and business and having fun with others. Raja shuts them both calling them idiots, and says he doesn’t love any of them. He can never love any girl, and brings out Rani’s photo. He says this is the story of hatred, he hates Rani so much that he never married Laila. Raja had a single Rani who betrayed in return of love, he can never trust any girl again. People never forget love, he is unable to forget hatred. He paints this face each night, then throws the paintings off his cupboard. The lights begin to blink, Naina and Laila worried. Raja shouts he already told Naina to stay away from him and go away. Laila considers this a story to cover his and Naina’s illegitimate relation, they have played against her and she will never forgive them both for this. Naina says she knew his wife betrayed him, but she didn’t know he hates her so much. She now understands why he hates her face so much. Raja clarifies he only bear her, not love her. Her face would always be a wall between them.

While walking across the corridors, the lights of palace blink again. Naina was frightened as she hears Rani’s call not to leave. Naina asks who the lights get stable is there, at once. At night, Naina wakes up as someone calls her. She sits into her bed to see Rani enter the room. Naina tries to touch her but Rani vanishes. Naina was tensed for being haunted. Mummy and Rekha wake up, Naina hears Rani’s call again and takes Mummy and Rekha’s attention. Mummy denies about any voice. Naina says someone has been calling her name for a long time, Mummy and Rekha says the past events had a bad effect over her.
The next morning, Laila comes into Naina’s room with the goons to throw them out of the house. Naina had been packing bags and say she is leaving already. Laila was enraged and clutches Naina with the back of her hair. The lights in the corridor blink, tables falling off in middle of the way. Rani was watching this from the corner as Laila slaps Naina. Suddenly, a vase hits Laila’s head.

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