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Once There Was A King Saturday 23rd April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Saturday 23rd April 2022: Once There Was A King Saturday 23 April 2022, Jeewan comes to drag Raja downstairs into an isolated room. He tells Raaj he understands what he is doing, for Raja this wedding must be a joke but for him it’s his life. Raja has always thought ways to hurt him since childhood, and is attacking him again. Raja doesn’t understand. Jeewan cries that in childhood he got Rani, and will get her this time as well. He understands the drama Raja is creating, the hero will soon change to Raja. Raja denies, Jeewan calls it impossible. He asks Raja to leave this place, else Rani will only be hurt. Raja will leave Amirkot forever, right away. Raja agrees, while Bindu was shocked standing behind. He turns to leave, Jeewan shows him the way of outdoor. Raja asks Jeewan to meet Rani for one last time, but Jeewan stops him there. It’s not always important to say a good bye, as it creates a hope or returning.
In the room, Rani asks Meenu about Raja. Meenu asks why Rani is thinking about Sir, while she will marry Jeewan tomorrow. Rani says she is really upset, there is surely something wrong. Raja walks away from the house with a heavy heart. Rani hurries downstairs. Bindu stops Amrita from going to Rani, and assures to take care of her. Raja reads a verse while getting in his jeep, that he acquired another status in love; he burnt to lighten her house.

Rani comes to confront Jeewan in the corridor, he informs Rani that Raja has left forever. If she thought he cares for her, if he did he must have come to bid her a good bye. Rani cries that she knew he couldn’t watch her marry someone else, he loves her dearly. She was about to leave, Jeewan pins her over the wall and insists on her that only he loves her, she will be safe with him only. Rani pushes him away saying she loves Raja, and can’t marry him because she has already been married to Raja. She shows the necklace to him, leaving him weepy. She joins her hands in apology, Jeewan must be hurt because of her; but she never lied to him. She and Raja’s fates have been connected, they both belong to each other. Jeewan doesn’t let Rani leave, and denies accepting this wedding. Rani argues it doesn’t matter, and no matter Raja owns her or not, she now belongs to him. Jeewan clutches the necklace from behind so to break it, and throw it over the floor. He warns Rani that she only belongs to him. Rani holds the broken chain, while Jeewan hits her with a vase behind her head. Rani faints, while Jeewan holds her up on his shoulder. Bindu was witness to this all. Raja drove the jeep to the forest, he shouts at the God why this is His will. Jeewan carries Rani to a temple, and makes her comfortable. He asks the Pandit to prepare for his wedding, he wants to marry this girl. He offers him money, which Pandit denies. Jeewan points a gun over his head, and orders him to do what he told him to.

Raja cries holding his head that he is going away from Rani and won’t hurt him. She will be away from him and won’t have to bear any pain. He should be happy, but he feels something is wrong. He forbids himself crying, and insists on himself not to stop and move away from this place. He drives the jeep away.
Rani wakes up in the temple and tells Jeewan that Raja will return for sure. Jeewan informs her that he is going to marry her. Rani resists and requests the Pandit to help her. She pleads Jeewan who was indifferent. Rano touches her necklace, but it wasn’t there. Jeewan smiles victoriously and ties Rani’s hands behind. She deters him that her Raja won’t spare him. Jeewan reminds Rani that Raja doesn’t belong to her anymore, he has left for always.
While driving, Raja thinks about Rani all along. He wonders why he can’t forget Rani’s face. He looks forward to see Rani standing there. She tells Raja if there is a single reason to stay together, it’s better than thousand reasons to stay away. Raja wonders if he gives her pain again. Rani says if he is ready to keep her binded, she is ready to break into thousands pieces for him. If he wants to see her happy, he must not let her go away. God hasn’t written happiness in his life, and over her hands; their fates would change after marriage. They are family, and will always be together. She unwraps her arms, Raja moves towards her but she vanishes. He was determined to return.

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