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Once There Was A King Saturday 22nd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 22nd June 2022: Once There Was A King 22 June 2022, Iqbal and Rani are getting engaged. Iqbal takes the ring to make Rani wear it, but the ring falls and goes to Raja. Raja picks the ring and gives to Rani. Raja comes there in disguise. Rani feels Raja’s presence. Iqbal takes the ring back and makes Rani wear the ring. Rajmata is supporting Rani in starting a new life. Iqbal dances with Rani. Raja gets between and dances with Rani. Raja does not want Rani to marry Iqbal. Raja tries to make Rani realize its him.


Devanshi is helping Ishwar recover. Rajjo is thankful to Devanshi. She is happy that Ishwar’s hand movements are improving. She tells Ishwar that she had a mannat and now she will take him to temple to fulfill the mannat. The doctor who was treating Ishwar died, and Rajjo was worried for his treatment stopping. But, Devanshi gets another doctor, who has come from abroad. The new doctor is using advanced medical treatments, by which Ishwar started recovering.

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