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Once There Was A King Saturday 21st July 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 21st July 2022: Once There Was A King 21 July 2022, Naina tells Nani she wants to bring Raja and Laila together, even Vikrant want Raja and Laila to marry and she thought about doing something for them. She was upset there is always something wrong about her plan. Nani recalls about Raja and Naina’s chemistry and calls her stupid. If Naina really wants Raja and Laila to come close, she must get out from the middle of them. She sends Naina to her room. Naina runs behind to look for Raja. She wonders why Raja is always alone in this room, she pushes the door of study. Raja was in the painting room alone, he covers the canvas and opens the door. He tells Naina he is really tired, he isn’t in a mood to be angry as well; she must leave him alone. Naina turns to leave, and was confused in the corridor. Naina thinks she never saw him so broken. She wonders what it which he recalls because of her is. A burnt painting fell off by her push.

The next morning, Rekha and Vikrant help Naina join the torn pieces of burnt pictures. Naina explains this is the photo of some lady, as the face wasn’t visible. Rani insists these hands resemble someone’s. Rekha also concentrate. Laila holds the painting and says if Raja pains in that lone room. She was upset, suggesting these paintings may be of the lady Raja loves. Laila was upset that she doesn’t know anything about Raja, even today Raja couldn’t forget his past. Naina asks if Raja ever discussed about that girl. Laila leaves upset. Vikrant and Rekha come and ask if Raja is a don in disguise and is some police officer. Naina qualifies she is a double agent and would make Raja and Laila unite anyway.

Once There Was A King Friday 20th July 2022 Zee World updates

Raja was drinking alone when Naina comes to the room. She takes his permission for a question. Raja asks for a promise that question not be a stupid one. Naina goes out of the room, then brings the half burnt painting to raja. Her face completed the place of empty face. Raja was enraged and stands up. Naina says it seems as if she knows the lady whoever is in the painting. Raja clutches Naina’s face to suffocate her. She was even unable to scream of his grip. Mummy and Rekha come to get her rid of his grabbing, Mummy complains Raja for not being able to protect them. Laila and Nani were silent, Raja’s eyes filled in tears.

In the room, Vikrant tries to make Naina up and requests her not to leave. Rekha and Mummy were angry at Raja and not ready to stay. Nani comes into the room. Vikrant hugs Nani and asks her to stop Naina. Nani apologizes them for Raja’s misbehavior. Mummy argues this won’t turn anything well. Nani says Raja is ashamed about his behavior. Raja enters the room from behind. Naina flinches out of fear, and says she won’t be able to stay in peace over here. Raja requests her to stay for Rekha, Vijay is still outside looking way for Naina. He leaves the room. Vikrant keeps on requesting Nani. Rekha and Mummy ask Naina not to think about Vijay and fear him.
Outside in the hall, Vikrant requests Laila to stop Naina. Naina walks out of the room with family. Vikrant cries in front of her, Naina says her family is her responsibility and nothing is dear to her than her family. She can never forget what Raja did to and for her. If Raja is really ashamed of what he has done he must accept a condition by her. Vikrant insists on Raja to say a yes, and stop Naina anyway.

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