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Once There Was A King Saturday 1st May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Saturday 1st May 2022: Once There Was A King Saturday 1 May 2022, In the palace, Kaal asks Rani to sign the papers of election and live a new life where no female is oppressed. Rani realizes it would be a huge burden for her, Kaal was sure she would come up to this responsibility. Raja was coming towards the palace, wishing Rani hasn’t signed any papers. Rani takes the pen from Kaal’s hand when Raja had finally reached from behind and forbids her to sign any papers. Rani was shocked, Raaj speaks to Kaal that his game is finally over. Rani watches the blood on his neck and wonders what happened. Raja wish there was only his mother’s milk running in his veins, not Kaal’s blood. Kaal says he must have any misunderstanding, Raja shouts at him to stop this game.

The truth is, the attack was a fake play; the bullet and injury both were a lie to force Rani contest the elections. Amrita asks Raja what’s he speaking about, Raja says alright he would bring the reality to everyone. He removes Kaal’s shirt, and pulls the bandage off his chest. Kaal moves in pain, as there was a real bruise. Amrita goes to care for him, and shouts for a nurse. Bari Rani Maa wonders how a fake bullet can hurt Kaal. Kaal recalls the doctor informed him that Raja know about the truth, Kaal hurt himself from a scissors in a quest to turn this lie into truth. Raja still insists that Kaal played a game with Bhandari and doctor, to let Rani accept defeat. Kaal asks Raja if this was the truth, where that fake bullet is. Raja says he is well aware he doesn’t have that fake bullet, Bhandari attacked him from behind and injured him.

Kaal asks Raja to be clear he doesn’t want Rani to contest this election, but not blame him pointlessly. Raja tells Kaal he isn’t like him, he wants to see his wife successful. If he can back up for Rani, he can confront the whole world to save her. Kaal says he also wants the same. Raja says both killer and doctor use arms, only their intentions are different. He wants Rani to get a recognition for herself, but Kaal only wants her to turn into his puppet. Kaal finally stands up to provoke Rani that Raja has been unable to see Rani succeed, he asks why Rani is listening to Raja. She is repeating Amrita’s mistake, Rani isn’t weak. She doesn’t need take permission from anyone. Amrita asks if he is a liar, his injury is? Raja shouts that he is, he will prove one day that this man is a monster who can fall down to any extent to prove himself. He forbids Rani to sign the papers, and asks Kaal to stop Rani else he might hurt Kaal. Amrita comes between him and Kaal and was about to slap Raja for misbehaving with his father. Rani stops Amrita’s hand, and says she agrees with Raja.

Rani says she doesn’t know why he did so, she is just aware that the attack was a game and her husband is right. She trusts her husband, and doesn’t need any proof. She trusts Raja, as she had also seen something peculiar. She recall the victim of accident, and wonders how can the shooter die on the same day when Raja suspected his attack. Only he was the man who could bring his reality to the world, Kaal silenced him. He had an operation close to his heart, still he is unable to sit and walk and how he came to know she agreed for elections when neither Raja nor she shared this with him. Amrita wonders how this is possible. Rani looks into Raja’s eyes saying Raja can’t lie to her ever. She respected Amrita’s decision to be with her husband, now she wants to be with hers. She and Raja leave the room.
In the lawn, Rani remembers Raja’s concern for Kaal. Raja thought about Rani’s trust over him. Rani turns to look towards Raja and comes to sit beside him. He looks towards her weakly, and thanks her for being with him though she hates him. Rani reminds she left home, not husband.

Raja confirms if she still loves him, he wants to her the reply from her. She stares into his eyes, cupping his face and asks if she still needs to reply. Raja hugs her, both think they can’t live away from each other. Raja wipes his tears saying he looks stupid while crying. Rani asks if he appears to be a professor when not crying? Raja sends her away to prepare for exams, he would come to pick her up. Both turn to go opposite ways.
At night, Kaal takes his medicine but finds the water glass empty. He breaks it on floor, when Bari Rani Maa offers him a glass. She says it is more difficult to accept defeat than to bear the pain of an injury. Kaal shouts at her to go away. Bari RanI Maa thinks she will also have to pay if Raja finds any proof against him. Bari Rani Maa advices Kaal to separate Raja from Rani first, as he can’t be a victor until Raja is a strength of Rani. Kaal was determined to separate Raja and Rani.

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