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Once There Was A King Saturday 11th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 11th June 2022: Once There Was A King 11 June 2022, White floss came out of Rani’s mouth, Raja goes to arrange something for her. There, police inspector was showing Raja’s photo to the villagers. The constable comes to inform inspector about Raja. A man comes to hold Rani.
The police gets Raja who had arrived near a decorated tree. Raja throws color over their faces, and runs back but Rani wasn’t there. He shouts Rani’s name. The police stood there circling Raja. A car stops by and drives Raja way. It was Raaj Mata in the car. Raaj Mata takes the car turned to a temple, where she was sure Pandit would save her child. They take Rani to the Pandit, Raaj Maat requests Baba. Raja goes towards the temple, praying the Goddess to save Rani.

Baba holds Rani’s hand, while Raja cries holding her hand. The Baba performs his treatment. Raja thinks Rani has always been with him, no matter how wrong the path is. He sends Raaj Mata home, with a message for Ambika not to cry much. Baba goes to forest to get some herbs, with instructions for Raja to take care of Rani. He touches Rani’s face, and cries that even her sweat is cold today. He takes her to change her clothes. He lay her in his arms, and rubs the cloth over her face. She smiles. Raja calls her name, asking her to open her eyes. He says their story hasn’t yet completed, he won’t let her leave in the middle; he would die himself but won’t let anything happen to her.
In the palace, Ambika was worried why her children are suffering so much. Raaj Mata tells Ambika Rani isn’t alone to fell weak, her strength Raja is there with her. Ambika cries that she only wants her children in front of her. Raaj Mata looks towards a guard, and sends him away to get tea for Ambika. She warns Ambika not to speak about Raja and Rani in front of anyone. She wants her to stay here, as police would suspect more because Raja is running away from law. The guard goes to dial a phone call.

Iqbal was shouting at his goons to let Raja and Rani flee. He receives a call from the guard of palace, and asks about their whereabouts. The guard tells him Raaj Mata is in the palace. Iqbal says they must follow Raaj Mata, she would surely go to meet Raja and Rani.
Raja lay Rani in the bed, and pray to God for not wanting to lose Rani. Saleem drops hot water over Iqbal’s hand, and sends the men to get medicine.
Raja was rubbing Rani’s hands and feel little movement. She finally wakes up, recognizing Raja. She turns her face away, Raja demands to look towards him; and demands her to let him fulfil the rights of husband. Husbands rarely serves wives. She is pretty, but it seems she is only beautiful by face.
Iqbal was in a hurry, Saleem insisted his bruise is fresh but Iqbal rushes outside.

Rani couldn’t speak and coughs hard. Raja hands her paper and pen to write. He smiles reading the question, if he closed his eyes while changing her clothes. Raja truly tells her that while changing her clothes, he didn’t realize when they were already changed. She smiles weakly and writes the next sentence; he should have kept his eyes closed. Raja tells Rani he hasn’t gone crazy in her love, and might not get this chance again in life. He shares his wish to go away from here, and make a small house on a faraway hill.
Iqbal follows a lady outside the palace. Raaj Mata goes out, thinking she already sent a maid outside; to dodge the police.
Raja hugs Rani hopeful that they would always be together. Rani recalls about Iqbal, she tries to speak then writes the note. Outside, the maid removes her veil and Iqbal thinks he has been trapped by Raaj Mata.

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