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Once There Was A King Monday 31st May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Monday 31st May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Monday 31 May 2022 Zee World updates, Shabnam clutches Iqbal’s collar that he made her daughter die. Iqbal slaps Shabnam saying she never wanted Nusrat to go out of here, she was a source of earning for her. He spills the bundle of money over her head, and says he would get Nusrat freed. Shabnam cries telling Iqbal that Nusrat has gone already.
At home, Iqbal’s mother thinks if that call girl Nusrat is no more, this is a good news. Iqbal is already spoilt now.
Iqbal was in disbelief and calls Nusrat across the room. He gets hysteric shouting Nusrat’s name in rage. Someone hits his head with a bottle from behind, Molvi places his head down.
In the palace, Rani performs last rituals of Nusrat. She sat lost beside Nusrat’s body. Raja says he doesn’t believe Iqbal would come to see Nusrat for the last time. They take the coffin.
Molvi sprinkles water over Iqbal’s face, and asks him to come to Nusrat’s last rituals. Iqbal was in disbelief saying Nusrat can’t leave him. A letter fly to Iqbal.

Thakur comes to stop Nusrat’s coffin. Rani comes forward and asks him to let them go inside. Thakur wasn’t ready to let this disrespectful lady bury here, this is a graveyard of respectable. They bring out a sword to deter them. Rani asks where she would get her destiny. Thakur wasn’t ready to let them go inside. Rani reminds Thakur not to consider himself among the respectable. Nusrat is no more, only her soil is left. Thakur warns his supporters not to listen to her, and tells Rani decisively he won’t let Nusrat bury here. Raja announces that Nusrat will be buried here, he would see who stops them. Thakur warns them of strike, Raja shows them a stamped letter of Imam of mosque. He has allowed to bury Nusrat in this graveyard. They finally get aside. Shabnam was about to beat Thakur with his shoes. He leaves. Raja tells Rani Nusrat and her alike have same stories, they are only used. He had called Nawab. Iqbal took the call, and slapped the phone hearing about the funeral. Rani thinks he really doesn’t care if Nusrat lives or not. The men begin to push soil over Nusrat’s graveyard.

Iqbal was at home, reading the letter again. Raja brings the soil of Nusrat’s graveyard to Rani’s hand. She kiss it. The ladies there thanks Rani for supporting and respecting Nusrat. Rani tells Raja she would get Nusrat her rightful respect.
Iqbal’s mother was shocked watching her, Rani enters the home and push open the door. Iqbal was still sitting on his chair. Rani throws the soil over his face saying this belongs to Nusrat’s grave. He never considered her worth it; he should have come to meet her one last time. She thought he is a true person, but he is among those who never care. He always boasted of his right over her, couldn’t he go to her funeral. She is sure he must have disgraced her, and she had to give her life away. Iqbal remembers giving Nusrat the bridal attire. Rani holds Iqbal responsible for Nusrat’s death.

Iqbal asks Rani about the dress. Rani says she bid Nusrat in the same dress, her love would always remain with her. She wasn’t alone, her love and her sister were both there. She never cursed anyone, but she had to pray no woman is unlucky to get someone like him, it’s a curse he would never get true love. She leaves. Afreen comes towards Iqbal questioning how he did this to a woman. She holds him responsible too.
Iqbal silently reads the letter again.

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