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Once There Was A King Monday 2nd July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 2nd July 2022: Once There Was A King 2 July 2022,  In the corridor, Raja holds Rani while she slips. She thanks him and turns to leave. Raja holds her with the back of her head and demands her to speak the truth; else he would shoot her. Rani spots a goon, and says if he wants to know the truth he shouldn’t take his eyes off her. She walks across the corridor, then writes a message for him with her blood. She comes to the room where Iqbal was lying on the bed, tied. She recalls, mixing poison in the huqqa Iqbal had been smoking. He got unconscious and fell over the bed. She got a chance to tie his hands and mouth, saying he must have a disgraceful death. He would no longer be able to reach Raja.

The next morning, Rani ran into the forest and reaches a tree with temple. She cries in front of God, as she has awaited this day for long. She wants to save her husband and walk away with him; she needs protection. She spots someone behind the tree and goes to hug Raja, crying. She apologizes Raja, as everything he had seen in her eyes was true. She suggests to go away from here. Iqbal wants to take his life, he was the one to shoot him on the mountain as well. She did everything later on to revenge his love. She wanted to stab his back the way he did, she wanted to kill him. When she discovered Raja was alive, everything changed. She cherish the night he spent with her.

There, Raja ran through the forest calling Rani. Rani had hugged someone else, promising to be with him always. She was shocked by Raja’s calls, Iqbal turns to face Rani now. He reminds Rani its 9.44 am. He clutches Rani’s arm, wondering if she is shocked to see him here. He had warned to keep an eye over each of hers intention. She moves towards Raja, but Iqbal holds her close to his chest. Raja stops at once watching them there. Rani takes the gun from Iqbal’s hand, remembering about the goons and points the gun towards him. Iqbal placed a gun over Rani’s back. Rani says he didn’t understand for so many days, as she only has hatred in her heart. Iqbal twists the gun with her back, pressing it tighter. Raja holds the gun at Rani in return, calling her a trust breaker.

He congratulates her as she has successfully broken Raja today; he shouts I love you but if she never loved him its better he dies. But along with him, this distrust would also die. He can’t let her live for someone else, if he dies she should also die with him. Iqbal warns to pull the trigger, if she doesn’t. Rani loads the gun, and pulls the trigger. The bullet shot at Raja’s arm. Raja boasts about being really strong, and keeps her gun over his chest. Rani thinks why he doesn’t understand; while she was only crying. Only then, Ambika runs there crying and hugs Raja. She comes to protect Raja in between Raja and Rani. Raja insists on her to leave. Iqbal shouts at Rani to shoot. Rani points the gun towards Ambika. Just then, a truck moves in between them. It was being driven by Raaj Mata. Ambika makes Raja flee. Raaj Mata comes out of the truck to hug Rani. Iqbal sends his goons to look after Raja.

Raja helps Ambika to flee with him. There Rani was apologetic to Raja. Bindu meets Raja and Ambika. Raja sends Ambika with Bindu, as his life is in danger. Ambika didn’t recognize Bindu, Raja promises to take her but right now she must leave. Bindu hugs Raja promising to take care of Ambika. The goons had reached them. Raja runs away, but the goons open fire at him. Iqbal gets into his car. Rani shot the tyres of his car. Iqbal furiously comes to slap her, and says now he would punish her and Raja both. The goons shot another bullet at Raja’s arms and legs. Raja fell over a car, and spots a man with cigar in it; who fights back for Raja. He places Raja in his car.

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