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Once There Was A King Monday 24th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 24th June 2022: Once There Was A King 24 June 2022, Raja enters the palace. Bindu introduces him as her husband, Angat Singh. Raja joins hands to Rani. She explains that they married in Chandigarh, he went outside for some business deals. She then came to know he was here to meet her and Nawab Sahib. She requests to stay in the palace for a few days. Raaj Mata and Rani were shocked. Iqbal comes asking why Rani would object, as Angat Singh is the son in law. Raja says he considers himself a son of this palace, he had promised to disclose the name of the person to him, who got the raid at his house. He hands an envelope to Iqbal, Raaj Mata and Rani were shocked.

Iqbal reads the name and looks towards Rani in shock. Iqbal says he wants Rani to announce his enemy’s name. Rani opens the envelope, she and Raaj Mata look towards Iqbal worried. Iqbal takes the envelope from Rani and reads the letter. He clutches Raja’s collar and wonders how Raja even thought his Rani can betray him. Raja looks towards Rani in shock, he explains that he got these papers from income tax office. Rani says this man wants to bring about differences between them. Raja asks Iqbal to inquire his fiancé, as his fiancé broke the seal of this envelope. Iqbal recalls Rani trying to revenge him with gun held over his forehead. He holds Rani’s hand, and drags her inside. Bindu wonders if Rani is playing some game.

In the room, Iqbal tells Rani that he suspects her. Rani asks her to trust her, if he even wondered why he came to her help the day there was a raid at his house. The next day, he accused his fiancé. There are coincidences in life, but not as much; he is getting trapped in Raja’s play.
In the room, Raja accuses Bindu that she tried to trap Rani, and her hatred for Rani didn’t let him win Iqbal’s trust today. He wonders why Rani would try to destroy Iqbal.

There, Iqbal says Rani has a lot of reasons to revenge him. She had come with a gun holding at him, four months ago. Rani says she didn’t kill him then, so now when she loves him how would she try to hurt him. She shows her wardrobe, his photos and his gifted jewellry; she has adopted everything Iqbal likes and kneels to his feet asking for any punishment. Iqbal clutches her face, saying her tears are not replying to any of his questions. From today, she must prove each day that she loves him, else he won’t think twice before sending her to Raja. He leaves the room curtly. Rani cries.

Raja walks towards Rani’s room, she had been crying badly. He asks if she is fine. Rani throws a vase at him and asks him to leave, he inquires what it is about. Rani throws another vase, he comes in. They argue, Raja calls her a Chipkali. Rani miss Raja at once, and beats her with a cushion. He also holds a cushion at him, they fight with each other. Both realize at once and stare towards one another. Rani tells him to get out of this room, Raja says it’s because she got Iqbal trapped. Rani says it’s between her and Iqbal, she won’t let Raja win in any of his intentions. She tells him that she loves Nawab Iqbal, first she would win him then will see Raja. Her bracelet was stuck with Raja’s sleeve. She gets rid of her bracelet, and leave thinking to win Iqbal back. Raja was determined not to let her and Iqbal be one again.

At night, Rani stood in the window, remembering that Iqbal wanted her to prove her love each day. There was a sudden rainfall, Rani moves towards the window and says she would see how Iqbal doesn’t melt. She runs outside the palace in heavy rain and cries missing Raja during rains. Iqbal calls from the room that nothing can ruin her if her love is true, today they would see if her faith wins or this rain. Raja was upset watching her cry in rain. A snake moves towards Rani, she screams at once. Raja and Iqbal both run to respective windows, Iqbal calls on her to run away. Rani was stubborn not to move an inch until he comes to take her. Iqbal and Raja both run outside. Iqbal throw the snake away. Raja watches from the door.

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