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Once There Was A King Monday 23rd July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 23rd July 2022: Once There Was A King 23 July 2022, Raja drops his diary watching Naina in Naina. Naina holds the diary, then calls him a man living in his past. She requests his help, as the hero in his shot is an angry man. She asks Raja to read his lines for her to practice. Raja asks if she wants to use his past for her shot. Naina asks what else his past has been good for. Raja strictly tells her to leave him alone and get away. Naina repeats her lines that she can’t leave him, today not her but his past would leave him; she swears him to share these promises with her. Raja says all the promises and vows are lie, they had promised a lot with each other’s since childhood. They hadn’t forgotten their promises after 12 years, they were united but their love got into bad eyes. Their love wasn’t as weak as to lose. Naina thinks it seems to be a story of Raja or Naina. Raja says the story ended with hatred. Naina insists he must have a misunderstanding. Raja says he had seen with his own eyes. Naina qualifies its not necessary everything seen through eyes is true. He must inquire her. Naina calls him as stupid, Raja shouts he has shared his unshared pain with her. Naina says she hasn’t seen much of life, still she only learnt life brings pains to anyone but one must not stuck with thorns of life. He must also get rid of these thorns, she watched him smile last night and he looks better that way. She promises not to let him be sad at all. Raja weakly smiles at her, replying with an OK.

Raja watches Laila drive happily. He finally asks where she is driving. Laila reads the line from her arm, and says those who divert from the paths reach destinations. On the beach, Naina tells Rekha and Vikrant about Valentine’s celebrations. She says if Raja and Laila spend time here, they will fell in love with each other. Raja’s men call them to look at the arrangements. Naina dances around, but a pole was about to fell off. Raja comes to hold her, but hugging her close to himself. Laila reach the place. Raja says Laila didn’t need plan this all. Naina insists if Raja could arrange a romantic dinner Laila could also plan a valentine’s day. She says since the shoot was cancelled because of Valentine’s, she thought… Raja scolds them all for supporting Naina as well. Vikrant requests Raja to stay, Laila and Rekha also requests him. Naina holds her ears doing a sit stand, Raja smiles at her gesture then happily moves with the family. Laila cheers and runs into water with them. Naina feels upset watching them together. Her hat suddenly fly into heavy air. She follows it. Vikrant laughs, as he had held the hat in air with a fishing rod. Raja says Naina can’t leave after bringing them here. Naina and Rekha join everyone. Raja stares at Naina playing with everyone.

In the evening, Laila was unable to eat Paani Poori. Raja hands her a tissue, then helps Naina a sip of water from the bottle. Later they were walking side by side. In the sitting area, Rani points at Laila to watch Raja who sat in a serious mood. Naina and Rekha sings in competition. Laila stares at Lotus who begins the song Laila o Laila, when Laila finally laughs they continue the singing. Naina and Rekha were stuck with the next word, Naina finally remembers a song. Raja gets attentive. Raja sings for the next word ‘Sanam hua re’. Laila was much drunk by now and continues the song as she walks towards Raja. Raja comes to hold her as she loses her balance. Laila hugs him, confessing her love for him.

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